Wow Events, Candid and CPM come together for Active8Digital

Industry Watch | October 20, 2015 | News

Wow Events CPM India Candid Marketing Sachin Talwar Atul Nath

Active8Digital Marketing Solutions LLP officially announced the launch of their digital activation services for the events and experiential community. They explained their service in simple terms as following ABCDE for the industry i.e. Activating Brands & Consumers through Digital Engagements.

Explaining the initiative, Sachin Talwar, co-founder and the leader of Active8Digital, said, "Today, Digital Marketing is the only way a brand or event can make an impact on a bigger and larger scale. We look forward to collaborate and co-create digital engagement strategies with and for experiential managers to help them to digitally activate their Business, Events and IPs."

For instance using the services of Active8Digital an event can reach out to audience across social media platforms and keep them updated on the developments at the actual event. The service will cater to not only all the attendees of the event but will also have a much wider and forceful impact on the non-attendees.

Adding more about Active8Digital, Atul S. Nath, MD, Candid Marketing and Partner at Active8Digital, said, “Digital Activation, even more than digital marketing, is clearly the future. The consumer of tomorrow will be living her entire life online and through their mobile, it's absolutely natural for there to be a need for events, experiences and brands to be extended and created through digital platforms."

Mandeep Singh, MD, CPM India, which is a Strategic Partner of Active8Digital, said "Active8Digital rolled out in the second half of this year on a trial basis for a few events to test things out and the results showed phenomenal increase in social engagement platforms like Facebook & Twitter. In a recent industry event Active8Digital crossed the mark of 10 million impressions for a single event in a short span of time.”

In the past 6 months, Active8Digital has already worked with EEMA for EEMAX Global, RMAI for the Rural Conclave, EVENTFAQS for the WOW Awards and Convention Asia, Everything Experiential for the launch of BW Applause, India Gadget Expo, ICWF 2015, All India Junior Ranking Badminton Tournament among others.

Active8Digital officially announces its launch with Sachin Talwar (Wow Events) as co-founder, Atul Nath (Candid) as Partner and Mandeep Singh (CPM) as Strategic Partner

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