Raseel Gujral ‘Casa Pops’ into the wedding and events spectrum

Weddings | October 14, 2015 | Interview

Raseel Gujral Casa Pop

Raseel Gujral Ansal, the creative mind behind Casa Paradox and Casa Pop, is best known for her signature style and creative sensibilities. Her store, Casa Pop, houses an eclectic mix of home and fashion accessories, wall art, apparel, jewellery, soft furnishings and so on.

Recently, the brand has branched out in the events and wedding spectrum by offering bespoke gifting hampers. Here’s what Raseel has to say on this new development:

What inspired you to get into the wedding business?

Since Casa Pop has attracted a lot of weddings and event buyers, we’re trying to curate products based on their budget and needs. It’s a very recent initiative and it’s only been two months that we have started focusing on this. So it all happened organically!

However, we’ve got various events and wedding companies approaching us to sell our stuff at their studios, so here we’re not dealing with the clients directly, rather with the specifiers.  

What’s the USP of the gifting hampers?

It’s fun… it’s quirky…it’s inherently Indian yet it’s very international, which is what the new Indian is! It’s not only price-friendly, but also its super fashionable! As we are catering to a youthful market, which is the age group that is getting married or attending weddings, so it’s absolutely relevant, as everyone is looking for ‘novelty’.

No one is looking for tacky gifts for their attendees, in fact, one wants them to take away something which is very trendy and possesses utility. Our price point starts from INR 500 onwards and goes upto 15K.

You also did a set up at the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week S/S’16. So how effective are such platforms to promote the brand to reach the intended audience?

If you are going to be in shows or if you have done shows in the past, etc. you necessarily don’t need to take a stand, but if you want to introduce a new product or you need to showcase it in a manner, which conveys the flavour and the message of the product, then I think such mediums are really helpful.

Though it’s a trade show, but everybody pays a lot of attention and focus on the stalls, beyond the fashion show, and as far as I’m concerned, I come from a background, where you can’t ignore the exhibiting part. Especially, when you are here for the first time - the space has to be appealing in order to attract buyers.

Casa Pop has branched out in the events and wedding space with its offering of bespoke gifting hampers.

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