Sir Martin Sorrell: “I’m bullish about India.”

Industry Watch | October 8, 2015 | News

Encompass Sir Martin Sorrell Geometry Global

Encompass, one of India’s largest experiential marketing companies has collaborated with Geometry Global, the world’s largest experiential marketing company. Both companies fall under WPP, the world’s largest communication services group. The objective of this collaboration is not only to set-up India’s largest experiential marketing network, but to leverage the global and local experience, expertise, creativity and strenghts of both companies to offer a full-service BTL marketing portfolio to clients.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sir Martin Sorrell said, “Through this collaboration in India we’re following up on our key global objective of offering best-in-class full-service experiential marketing services that can help our clients sell more.”

Showcasing WPP and Sorrell’s keen interest in the Indian market, a slew of other initiatives were also announced, including, WPP’s first venture in the education sector in India through the announcement of ISDI | WPP School. Other announcements included the WPP India CSR Foundation, along with partners Genesis Foundation, Hope for Children and Magis Bus, which will have a 33 crores education, life skills and vocational training programs in India.

WPP’s Data Alliance was also launched yesterday, which marks the company’s first presence in the Asian market. Data Alliance will help WPP companies in India access and leverage data creatively and optimally across multiple verticals and geographies. 

Commenting on his reason for visiting India each year and also taking a keen interest in WPP’s business in this market, Sorrell explained, “I am bullish about the Indian market. India is currently #9 in WPP’s markets list but has the fastest growing GDP rate. So of course there’s a lot more to focus on and grow in this market.”

Sorrell also announced that WPP’s revenues in the Indian market were just under 600 million dollars in the last year, and the projected growth in India was 10%, compared to the 5% growth expected for the group worldwide.

Based on industry estimates, the Geometry Global | Encompass Network collaboration would result in a revenue estimation of 15 million dollars for last year.

Sorrell announced the ‘Geometry Global | Encompass Network’ amongst other initiatives in the Indian market for WPP.

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