Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015 powered by Saavn has a new brand identity

Marketing | September 30, 2015 | News

Enchanted Valley Carnival Universal Music Group Aamby Valley City Bacardi

Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015 has announced the sale of its Phase I tickets. The festival is set to take place from December 18 to 20 at Aamby Valley City, Pune with Tiësto and Fatboy Slim confirmed as headliners. Enchanted Valley Carnival, the largest camping music festival in India, in its third year has been able to capture India’s growing dance music scene, providing fans with a premiere outdoor, adventure and camping experience. A new brand identity has been designed to build a strong community of fans who will feel a sense-of-belonging to the EVC ‘Tribe’. Enchanted Village will endorse and facilitate this community through its camping experience, with the objective of being the most sought after camping brand in the country.

This year EVC has partnered with Bacardi as their Principal Sponsor. Talking about this partnership, Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director & CEO, Universal Music Group, South Asia said, “This is an extension of their identity BACARDÍ Untameable. The idea is to design multiple experiences to engage Millennials (Generation Y), who are coming of age in an uncertain risk-averse world; and to encourage them to pursue their passions no matter what.”

EVC has also tied up with Saavn as their Powered By sponsor, essentially to develop and design a great musical experience for fans through its platform. Elaborating on this, Sanyal added, “Various engagement platforms will be created on Saavn with the artists, for fans to experience the music and the artist sounds differently. Saavn will look to create various touchpoints before, after and at the festival to create as much content as possible for fans. Saavn will also be curating a stage to create and leverage sounds from the electronic music field and bringing together various sounds.”

This edition of EVC is also significant as it witnesses the creation of a new identity for the festival.  The aim is to provide fans with a unique experience of a mystical world where ancient meets modern with a new call-out – “#JoinTheTribe” - to build a community for like-minded, passionate people. At Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015, music and adventure enthusiasts will witness futuristic themed production, design and stages that have been specially created to deliver dynamic music and experiences for thrill-seeking music fans.

Talking about the creation of this identity and the new logo, Sanyal said, “The process was to create an identity for the festival which fans and any festival goer could resonate with. The Enchanted Valley Carnival logo is made from the 3 letters: E, V & C that together form a mark for the festival with the dot in the middle. These 4 elements combined cover all the basic points of identity for the brand. The idea was to create a common language and iconography which was consistent among the staff, fans, artists and any other communication. The feeling of a ‘tribe’ was the best way to describe this, even as all music and travel enthusiasts who visit the festival are united by the event. Music is a great way for anyone to express themselves and we as a festival wanted to identify the best grounds to express the emotions of this lot of people.”

“The idea was to create iconography which was consistent among the staff, fans, artists… a ‘tribe’ was the best way to describe this” - Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO, Universal Music Group, South Asia

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