Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse

Marketing | September 29, 2015 | News

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Showhouse Event Management executed the grand launch of Tata Tea Fusion at Kolkata and Delhi on Sept 14 and 18, respectively. The latest exotic product range from Tata Tea Global Beverages includes 2 variants in 2 different packages - Assam tea & Kenyan enhancer and Assam tea & Green Tea enhancer, available in packs or jars.

The brief for the events held at Taj Bengal, Kolkata and Taj Palace, New Delhi was to create an unique launch that focused on Tata tea’s legacy of innovation and how Tata Tea Fusion will be the most wanted product in the world of tea market. Speaking about the fusion themed event, Tony Stephen - Sr.VP South and East, Showhouse Events says; “We were to bring in the spirit of innovation into the house of Tata Tea Global Beverages through the event and uniquely blend the launch by giving the stockist the concept of FUSION in its literal sense and to educate them about the product in the most quirky and luxurious manner.”

Keeping up with the theme of 'fusion' and 'innovation', the highlights of the event, other than the brand itself, were performances by Mame Khan and the Maganiyars, Riaz Basha, and the Lazer Angels. The launch was done digitally using Pixadoo Visuals, which brought out every detail of the new packs and jars on a large screen. Showhouse Films also presented a product movie, which was prepared in record time. From the inception to production, the film was shot within a week. It featured 8 videos of various department heads who were responsible for the new product, including the tea experts, manufacturing unit, packaging, and the advertising agency. The shots taken against a green screen were later edited with infographics, so that the stockists could easily understand every aspect of the product range. After the launch and presentation, guests were given a taste of the product itself. An experience zone was created for this, with a lounge and tea bar.

About challenges in planning and executing the event, Tony says; “Over the past few launches all over India for Tata Tea Premium & Gold Mixture, we have set a formidable standard for ourselves. Towards the end of July, Tata Tea premium had just introduced its new product to the stockiest, therefore challenging us even further to step-up our performance. When we accepted the challenge, we planned to create an unforgettable luxurious event for the stockists, that would leave a memorable experience etched deep within - starting from the invite to the minutest of details at the event, where they were treated like royalty.”

About 450 and 300 guests attended the launch event at Delhi and Kolkata, respectively. Apart from stockists, stakeholders and employees of the brand were also in attendance. Speaking about the success of the event, Tony Stephen describes it as a 'fusion that created magic'.


The fusion themed event for the latest Tata Tea exotic product range was held at Kolkata and Delhi on Sept 14 and 18, respectively.

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  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse
  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse
  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse
  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse
  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse
  • Fusion Launch for Tata Tea by Showhouse

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