Industry-Government collaborations; the most promising take-back from EEMAX Global 2015

Industry Watch | September 21, 2015 | News

EEMA EEMAX Global Awards 2015

When an industry truly comes of age, govenments, policy-makers and corporations take notice, and eventually join forces to promote the growth story for that business.

EEMAX Global 2015 is a milestone for EEMA for many reasons already discussed ampily in the times leading up the event. But this conclave will surely go down in history as the juncture when governments openly impressed by the industry, pledged support, announced incentives and gauranteed results!

To get an idea, here are excerpts of what went down:

Valsa Nair Singh, Secretary - Tourism and Culture, Government of Maharashtra

"While we are working in a focused effort along with EEMA to have a single-window licensing clearance in the state for the industry, we are also announcing the 'adopt a monument scheme' for corporates. Under the scheme, corporates will manage certain historical venues and can use them for events. Further, we are also working on creating an event board in the state tourism policy."

The Delhi government on the other hand that has already incorporated a single-window clearance for non-ticketed events in Delhi, and also assisted further with an online permission processing facility, made an open invitation to the event industry.

Kapil Mishra, Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, Delhi Government

"We are looking to make Delhi the most event friendly state in India. It is our job to create ease, so that you have the best environment to do your business. I also personally gaurantee, that when doing events in Delhi, there will be zero corruption! We want to encourage you to create your dream event in Delhi, and the government will ensure the adequate support-system."

While the Delhi Government showcased bullishness in its support and confidence in all their announcements, the Maharashtra Government surely will not be left behind. With the two most prominent event states now in an on-going dialogue and working arrangement with EEMA, the domino-effect to other states is inevitable. 

This amongst many other successes of EEMAX Global 2015 surely projects healthy and unobstuctive growth for the event and experiential marketing industry in India.

With governments of Delhi and Mumbai promising support and collaborations with EEMA and the industry while announcing incentives, the future looks bright!

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