Mayank Shah, Deputy Manager Marketing - Parle with Sanjeev Kumar, CEO - Kidzani and the launch

Mini Parle G Factory opened at Kidzania

Marketing | September 18, 2015 | News

Parle Products KidZania

Parle, in partnership with Kidzania, opened India’s first Mini Parle G factory in Mumbai on September 10, 2015. India’s largest food company and pioneers in biscuit and confectionary manufacturing, Parle aims at helping kids form a closer bond with the brand through the interactive experience.

The Parle G Factory experience at Kidzania, a global indoor theme park, will allow kids to have hands on experience with various biscuit making processes. The set will include baking, cooling, packaging and the checking procedure followed by Parle’s manufacturing units. This is expected to help kids understand and appreciate how Parle products are made.

The children will be encouraged to measure wheat and sugar in two beakers. They will also learn to operate a flywheel and flatten dough, followed by training in pulling the lever that brings down the moulding and cutting dye. .

Speaking at the inauguration, Mayank Shah - Deputy Manager Marketing, Parle commented; “Parle has been one of the favorite biscuit brands for various generations. We are delighted to be associated with this innovative concept as this will help us target the newer generation. Parle has always been on the forefront when it comes to consumer engagement and satisfaction. Unified with reality and entertainment, this initiative will provide guidance to kids on the biscuit industry in an informative way.”

Viraj Jit Singh – Chief Marketing Officer, KidZania India also shared his views on the new launch; “KidZania is all about empowering children through hands-on experience and open doors for them to new opportunities. The scaled down size of the Parle G biscuit factory will teach the next generation of bakers the intricacies  of the biscuit making process, the independence of being creative and  the importance of understanding the nutrition value of what they consume.”


The replica of the iconic biscuit and confectionery manufacturing factory will help children experience and understand the procedure and form a closer bond with the brand.

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