Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party

Marketing | September 16, 2015 | News

CloseUp First Move Party Fountainhead Entertainment Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Mehboob Studio Amit Trivedi

Fountainhead Entertainment managed the CloseUp First Move Party for Hindustan UnileverLimited - Close up and Mindshare on Aug. 19 in Delhi and on Aug. 28 in Mumbai. The Delhi event took place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Gate 4) and saw more than 600 youngsters attend, while the Mumbai event happened at Mehboob Studio (Stage 3, 2 and 5) and saw over 1200 attend. The aim of this first of its kind IP was to provide a platform for youngsters between 16 to 23 years to make their first move. The event also saw the launch of the CloseUp Shaandar Pack, revealed by actors Shahid and Alia.

Talking about the event, Rohan Salvi, Vice President - Business Development and Client Servicing, Fountainhead Entertainment, said, “The objective was to execute a party to bring individuals closer through various engagements, entertainment, fun, food, and shopping. Fountainhead conceptualized the entire party with various interactive zones, and also managed production, pre-promotion buzz at various colleges within the cities, and artists for the event.”

Commenting on the agency’s work, Gauri Gupta, Brand Manager – Closeup, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “Right from the beginning, the Fountainhead team brought on the table great ideas and expertise to the campaign. The entire team worked as if they were part of our own team, and were always willing to explore new ideas despite many changes. This project was a complicated one, with many new ideas coming on board right till the end, and involved working with more than 8 different partners. Fountainhead however always kept focused on delivering everything to the best quality. Not for a single moment, did we have to worry about the final execution as they would take 100% ownership of it. They brought on a lot of experience and always flagged off potential risks as well as ways to manage them. When I first stepped into the final set up, I felt it was even better than what I had imagined, despite the fact that FH had shown us how things would look as much as possible. The full team has always had a lot of energy and every single person on the team was proactive right from day 1. I would love to work with the team again!”

The evening had a lot of fun activities including a live music concert by Amit Trivedi, while VJ Yudi and Bani were the hosts for the evening. Performances by B-boying, Salsa, and Drum Cafe enlightened the mood of the festival and served as a platform to bring the attendees closer. The festival consisted of various engagement zones like Balance Board, Twister Wall, and Illuminate Together, which enabled the participants to come close and win prizes. Registration began at 2 pm wherein all the guests were given RFID tags which were linked with their Facebook accounts. Each time they visited an activity area, the participants had to scan their RFID bands, following which a unique message was uploaded on their respective Facebook accounts.

Two main zones were designed for the festival: Play and Party. Play consisted of a host of engagement zones accompanied with a small stage. ‘Don’t Let go’ was a game in which two people came together on a balance board to complete various tasks in a stipulated time. ‘Work it Out’ was based on speed, time and working in tandem wherein 2 people work it out together to light up a unit. Then, ‘Fall Head Over Heels’ saw couples twist and turn to come close with the game of Twister. ‘Brush up your First Move Skills’ involved a specially created unit wherein the TG was given a task - to brush in a unique way. Based on their performance, the machine dispensed gifts. ‘Listen to Your Art’ allowed attendees to show off their art on a digital graffiti wall. Lastly, ‘Get On the Same Page’ allowed those attending to ‘get clicked’ and make a personalized flipbook. The second zone, ‘Party’, consisted of the main stage, and Campus Street (Food and Flea).

The first of its kind IP took place in Delhi on Aug.19 and Mumbai on Aug. 28, targeting 16-23 year olds.

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  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party
  • Fountainhead Entertainment Manages CloseUp First Move Party

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