EEMAX GLOBAL unveils its brand new Trophy

Industry Watch | September 14, 2015 | News

EEMAX Global Awards 2015 Roshan Abbas Encompass Events Sabbas Joseph

For the past 6 years EEMAX has represented the pinnacle of achievement in the events and experiential marketing space. Each year, top agencies battle it out for the honours.

This year, the EEMAX awards go Global. And with this came the opportunity to look at the Awards afresh. President Sabbas Joseph was of the view that a new Global Honour should have for itself a new look and feel, an aspirational value that would enthuse Indian and global agencies alike. One element of the same was the trophy design.

The task of implementing this vision was given to Encompass Events.

A set of designs were presented, but they weren’t capturing the imagination. At this time, Sabbas stepped in and gave the team an insight into what EEMAX GLOBAL was to deliver.

The Jury sounded fabulous, the international case studies were a class apart, the trophy had to live up to the same. This new trophy was to be called the E.  

The brief was revisited and re-interpreted and the team started work anew on the design. Subhash Kashyap who designed the trophy said the inspiration was three-fold. EEMA represents the pillars of the event community. Most of the work in the industry deals with building structures. These could be for social events, activations or concert arenas. So the trophy took this structural form of a modern day pillar. The 'E' as its called, has a clear rendition of the E in its facia. It almost seems to be laser-cut out of a solid piece of metal

"We felt that each event leaves its own mark on the world. The trophy also renders the E all the way to the bottom and almost could be a modern rendition of a 'seal' from medieval times," explained Joseph.

"The joy of working as an association is that the best creative brains that normally compete for client briefs collaborate to bring out the best for the industry", said Roshan Abbas, MD Encompass.

Encompass Events was given the responsibility to conceptualise and design the new trophy on the occasion of the awards going global in the 2015 edition.

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