#Wednesdaywar: Who are better event planners – men or women?

Industry Watch | September 9, 2015 | Feature

Anjali Pasricha Poonam Lal Vandana Agarwal Marketing Solutions Ice Global

Going by the fact that event industry seems to be male-dominated, at least in the profile of those leading / at the helm of event agencies. We spoke to the wonder women of the event industry to have their expert opinion on ‘who is a better event planner – men or women’?

Anjali Pasricha, Director, CS Direkt

“There’s a worrying loss of female talent in event management. At a junior level, the majority of executive workers are now female, but a much smaller percentage have made it into top roles. Thankfully in CSD, women outnumber men and our MD, Sanjeev Pasricha, has played a big role in maintaining a culture of respect and equality. All our Business Heads are women, and the power dynamics are shifting! 


Organising experiences in our industry can really be hard work; it requires you to be creative, nimble and adaptive. Women by nature possess these skills. Their inherent qualities make them good managers as they are more patient in difficult situations and are able to manage situations with a positive attitude and a calm mind as compared to their male counter parts. Business Insider 2015 Survey discovered that employees who work for a female boss are, on average, 6% more engaged than those who work for a male manager (further, female employees who work for a female manager, are the most engaged of any group of workers). 

We might even be leading the way to an 'All Women's Show' soon…Wait for it!"

Sushma Gaikwad, Director, Ice Global

“At Ice Global, gender plays absolutely no role in building a successful career. In fact, the event and experiential profession is not the place for gender differentiation. In my opinion, one needs the awesome combination of integrity, passion and eagerness to learn in order to grow and flourish.







Vandana Agarwal, Lead-Concept & Strategy, Communique

“At Communique, we have a great team of both men and women and gender has not been seen to play a role in an individual’s skills, efficiency, hard-work or overall performance. In the events industry, like in any other, it is an individual’s drive, meticulousness and commitment that makes for a successful event planner. 

That said, women tend to be slightly better team-players and have a more holistic approach to getting work done as team leaders, as they are more inclined to handling people and issues with greater sensitivity. At event sites, when pressures build-up, they are also less prone to confrontational tactics and tend to handle matters more calmly. 

Having women in the work-force also requires greater sensitivity from the agency management towards issues of safety (as the industry demands late-night/overnights at sites), gender equality, respect at the workplace, and support during maternity. However, we believe in having a mixed team that brings different skill sets to the table and compliments each other.”

Poonam Lal, Director, Marketing Solutions

"Having been in the event industry for more than a decade, I can wisely proclaim to have seen it all. And I do feel that there are roles within the event industry that are so 'made for women'.

As a woman leading a team, I have tried to be sympathetic to 'women problems'. And encouraged them to take up the profession. Purely because I feel women are great at multi-tasking, which is an important trait that every event manager must have. She does it in her personal life all the time, and carries that USP to work too. Women also are great organizers; meticulous and with an eye for detail. And of course, she can handle a client much better than a man. She has a temperament more suited to handling clients. And more patience. At least on the face of it. She can play multiple roles here; of a servicing person, a buddy, a confidante, and even mother him or her on occasions."

While the conclusion is, of course, to maintain a balance, what's encouraging is the increasing effort towards achieving a good mix of both male and female employees. Let's hope that in time this will result in many more empowered women at the helm of teams, departments and agencies!

Women vs. Men – an age-old debate! The ‘gender divide’ has always existed, irrespective of the industry.

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