Moksh Events acquires 46% stake in India Gadget Expo

Industry Watch | August 24, 2015 | News

Moksh Events

Moksh Events has acquired a 46% stake in the Indian Gadget Expo as part of its foray into the Intellectual Property business. The event agency is already in the business of Wedding Planning, Event Management and Celebrity Management and decided to extend its partnership with the Indian Gadget Expo in which it was involved in a smaller capacity in the 2014 edition. The India Gadget Expo started last year in Bengaluru and follows a B2B and B2C model, targeting both the public looking to get updated on gadgets as well as people in the gadgets business. The 2015 edition of the event will be held in Hyderabad from September 18 to 21 at HITEX Convention Centre.

With this development, the property will have a three-way ownership, the other two owners being Catpro Events and Skits Events.

Commenting on this venture, Vijay Bokadia, Director, Moksh Events said, “Intellectual Properties are the in thing in the Indian Live Events Industry. With events like IIFA, Sunburn, NH7, Auto Expo and various other regional, national and international events, young and established entrepreneurs are taking events to a new height. There is already so much happening in this space and Moksh Events has been looking at options to venture into a new area that we can do justice to. The decision to acquire stake in this particular IP was made because no one in events was already doing anything in the gadgets and technology space. At the moment, hardly anyone is into start-ups and technology on a bigger platform. With our daily life becoming dependent on technology, every human being is directly or indirectly using gadgets. There are hundreds and thousands of new products which are launched every year. Even the government is focussing on this area. With the biggest consumers being from India, this venture made sense.”

The upcoming edition of the Expo will see a total of 27 speakers present, including a number of speakers from international tech companies and start-ups. The organisers of the event are also expecting around 1 lakh people to attend over the course of the event. There will be around 150-200 exhibitors across 12 countries and around 75 start-ups. The event will for the most part be funded by the IP owners.

The event is set to showcase more than 1000 gadgets, including gadgets that will be launched at the event. Seminars covering Mobile tech, Smart Cities, Gaming, Auto tech, etc will also be featured.

Talking about the range of participants the event will see, Vijay Bokadia -Director MOksh said, "The 4-day event is expected to witness an enormous footfall from across the world from varied segments including Global Investors, CEOs and Managing Directors, technology professionals and enthusiasts, dealers and distributors, government officials, consumers and students".

In addition, the event will witness the Inspiring Indian Innovation Award 2015 promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. The Award was introduced by Jayesh Ranjan, I.A.S, Secretary, Information Technology (IT) - Government of Telangana.

On this aspect of the Expo, Bokadia added, The award has been conceptualised to honour Indian innovators and recognise their commitment and dedication to promote India as an innovation hub. The objective behind the initiative is to motivate the next big ideas driven by the power of technology. We are really excited by the number of start-ups enrolling.”

The event which is slated to be India’s premier tech show is supported by the Government of Telangana. The Indian Gadget Expo has also tied up with NDTV for media coverage.

As co-owners of the property, the agency is taking an active role in increasing participation and taking the property to the next level.

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