Skoda organizes a ‘Monsoon Drive’ for the press

Marketing | August 24, 2015 | News

Skoda Fountainhead Entertainment

Skoda Auto India on Aug. 1 and 2 organized the ‘Skoda Monsoon Drive’ for 36 journalists from Mumbai Press Club. Fountainhead Entertainment (FH) managed the event and has been actively involved with the brand since the past three years by executing various product trainings, launches and customer meets.

FH was briefed to design an interesting and safe drive format for the members of the press club. FH primarily managed everything from the route, drive format, briefing, car transfers, collateral designing, production, convoy management and hospitality.

The press drive started from Mumbai Press Club and ended in Lavasa. The journalists gathered at the club at 7am, post which they had breakfast. A welcome address was given by the Managing Director of Skoda Auto India, Sudhir Rao. To get the journalists familiarized with the brand cars, an extensive drive briefing was conducted by FH which also explained the drive format and route to the journalists. The convoy drove to Lavasa with a pit stop at the Skoda Service facility in Baner, Pune.

The convoy reached Lavasa by lunch post which they were given time to explore the scenic location in their Skoda cars. The evening commenced with an intuitive session conducted by Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing, Skoda Auto India and Denver Fonseca, Head of Communications, Skoda Auto India.

This was followed by dinner and the convoy left Lavasa the next morning after breakfast. The informal setup consisted several branding panels and collaterals for the journalists. The key highlight of the event was the TSD format race among the journalists. Here they had to complete the drive within a stipulated time, distance, average speed and fuel economy, all checked by the FH team at multiple checkpoints.

Appreciating Fountainhead’s efforts, Denver Fonseca, Head - Communications, Skoda Auto India, said: “We have worked with Fountainhead in the past and as before they handled the logistics and hospitality requirements for a drive like this seamlessly. It was well planned and nicely executed. Overall, we received a good response from the journalists who attended. The entire experience of the drive was great for everyone involved.”

Managed by Fountainhead, the drive took place from Mumbai Press Club to Lavasa and also saw a race between the journalists.

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