Boudoir Shoot by Ronicka Kandhari Photography

BOLD BRIDES: Boudoir Bridal Shoots are trending in India!

Weddings | August 12, 2015 | News

Boudoir Ronicka Kandhari

Boudoir bridal shoots are trending the world over and have now taken to the fancy of the Indian bride!

Boudoir is a French word for a woman’s private room or bedroom. Boudoir photography is a very new concept for the Indian market.

Flirty and sensual, boudoir photography is a sensuous, intimate photo shoot which aims to capture the gorgeous woman inside each bride, while maintaining her comfort level in a private and professional setting.

Today, brides have certainly become more experimental. They love to glorify their beauty and are expressive about it, which makes boudoir even more fun!

Speaking of the ideal location to execute these, leading photographer Ronicka Kandhari mentioned that she usually do a boudoir photo session in luxury hotel suites, the bride’s home or her studio. “In my photographs I usually need lots of natural light, therefore the location has to be kept in mind accordingly.”, added Kandhari.

Not only can make for a fabulous gift for a to-be-husband but more than that it is a wonderful confidence boosting experience for the woman taking the boudoir photos.

Speaking of what to wear; corsets, lingerie, fishnet stockings, stilettos, jewellery, an engagement ring and special items (like the groom-to-be’s favourite shirt or jersey) are the right choices. “A lot of women wear sexy, edgy outfits that resemble an outfit that would be styled for a fashion editorial spread in a magazine like Vogue.”, added Kandhari.

Today there is a lot of awareness and openness to the way women think and express themselves. Families are less interfering, and there is a lot of understanding and awareness amongst the couple. 

Kandhari added, “Grooms are usually in support of this session to strengthen their bond of love. And its certainly comfortable having a boudoir session with a female photographer.”

She also said, “I feel it’s absolutely possible for most of the women today to have a Boudoir session and it can be manoeuvred according to one’s comfort zone. The most important aspect in this is the trust and comfort one shares with their photographer. My sessions are 100% private. The only person present at the shoot is myself and my female assistant.”

Boudoir bridal shoots are trending the world over and have now taken to the fancy of the Indian bride!

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