"The objective of EEMAX Global is to present the Indian industry to a Global audience"-Sabbas Joseph

Business Events | August 5, 2015 | News

EEMA Sabbas Joseph

EEMAX has re-christened to EEMAX Global, opening entries to Global agencies and also creating a platform through the awards ceremony to showcase the best of the globe. 

Speaking about this new positioning and the elevation of the property to the Global realm, Sabbas Joseph, President, EEMA explained, "All eyes and interest are on India. Through EEMAX Global we want to showcase India in the Global scenario, while also consolidating the best experiential campaign of the globe under one platform."

Explaining further Joseph said that 30% if not more experiential campaigns of EEMA members agencies are taking place in various Global destinations. Not to mention the interest of the international industry in India, since the growth story is in India. Agencies in India are gearing up for expansion, strategic alliances and acquisitions. "EEMAX Global will be the platform that consolidates such opportunities," said Joseph.

The entries to EEMAX Global will open this week, and campaigns and agencies from across the world are gearing up for the competition. With respect to promoting and gathering momentum for the award entries and putting together a global jury, Joseph added, "We have identified partners across the globe to take this message forward. Simultaneously EEMA member networks across the globe have been activated."

EVENTFAQS Media will also be working together with EEMA to spread the word in the industry and spread the message for 'call of entries'. EEMAX Global has already launched its first look of communication and the website too is live (www.eemaxglobal.com), carrying information on enhanced categories.

Speaking about the showcase and implementation of the Global message at the award ceremony, Joseph revealed, "We intend to showcase the best of the globe at the EEMAX Global 2015. We have special acknowledgements planned that will bring in the learning of path-breaking events from various regions, while also showcasing the best of India, all under one platform."

EEMA's annual EEMAX Awards will now be open to Global agencies to enter with a jury of EEMA academia and experts from the global event, media, advertising and marketing spaces.

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