“Big Budgets aren’t important”- Rohit Bal

Weddings | July 28, 2015 | News


While all aspects of a wedding are equally important to make it a true success, it cannot be denied that decor is the first element that guests experience and therefore it is that one element that sets the tone for the celebration. With trends changing rapidly season after season, decor remains one of the heads towards which the maximum budget is allocated.

Here's what some of Asia's leading decor professionals share from their personal  experiences conceptualising and executing décor.

Speaking of how quality of decor has nothing to do with budgets, Rohit Bal, Fashion Designer & Director, Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings said “Big Budgets aren’t important. At times when the budget of a client is not very big, but he allows us the freedom to create, I bend backwards to ensure that a stunning experience is created within that range. For that, we have to reduce the quantity of props and elements, but definitely not compromise on the quality.”


Reinforcing a very important point, Farid Khan, Director, Wedniksha explained, “One should always treat vendors as partners, as they are the ones responsible for delivering good finish and quality”.


Speaking of the evolution in decor trends, Neelabh Kapoor, Director, Experiential Weddings by Studio Neelabh said “There was a time when larger than life props dictated events. But today, weddings are dictated by concepts and everything revolves around it!”


While Vikas Gutgutia, Founder and Managing Director, Ferns N Petals explained the difference between the use of flowers in India and internationally. He said, “Indians have a habit of overdoing everything. At Indian weddings, flowers have been used and abused. Artificial versions are also being used way too much. Internationally, flowers are used more appropriately.



Interestingly Gayatri Sekhri,  Creative Head, Pomegranatebrought to the fore how others aspects of a wedding such as entertainment can affect the decor. She elaborated “For a pre-wedding event we did recently, we used a Las Vegas Nightclub theme, complete with hydraulics and life-size birdcages. However the client got in Punjabi singer Baadshah for entertainment. Although he may be a great performer, it did not go well with the overall theme of the event and took away from the concept.


Explaining how too many cooks can spoil the broth, Elie Berchan said, “Often in an attempt to incorporate each idea that each family member has for a wedding, the main theme, concept and ambience is lost or mixed with elements that don’t fit into the theme. You have to control the event, especially when the client’s family interferes too much. This is important.”

Decor specialists discuss new trends in décor at social/wedding events and how other factors affect it.

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