Kanakia Group launches its new commercial project 'Wallstreet' in Mumbai

Marketing | July 23, 2015 | News

The Think Tank Entertainment

Kanakia Group launched its commercial project Wallstreet on June18 at the Palladium Hotel, Mumbai. The Think Tank Entertainment was the design concept, strategy and event company for this event. The audience was engaged through games, art installations, and performances by international artists.


On the success of the launch, Manisha Deshpande, Sr. General Manager - Marketing, The Kanakia Group said, “Kanakia Wall Street is a milestone in themed developments by the group and commanded a spectacular unveiling. The final output delivered well in time supported the theme very well.”


Think Tank Entertainment has in the past done other events for the Kanakia Group, leading to it being assigned this project. Earlier work includes the launch of Mumbai Meri Jaan at Kanakia Zillion, Kanakia Levels, and Kanakia Rainforest.


On the agency’s relationship with the Kanakia Group, Abhishek Mazumder, Founder and CEO, The Think Tank Entertainment said, “The launch of Wallstreet marked one year of us working for The Kanakia Group. We hope for this relationship to continue in the years to come. We also planned a surprise for the client, where 2D Projection Mapping was done on ‘the bull’ at the time of Model Reveal. This turned out to be a massive attraction at the event.” Challenges in managing the event included the heavy rains.



The launch saw a glass box called ‘Money Machine’ set up at the entrance, which had currency notes flying about inside it. People attending were invited to grab cash from the box. This was tied to the ‘Share Game’ later in the show. In this 5-round game, the audience was allotted one of four investment bankers based on the number of notes they grabbed. In each round the bankers picked coins depicting either positive or negative numbers, where players won or lost money. Winners of the game received a deal on their brokerage, where their total points up to 75 was multiplied by 1000. The total amount was given to that particular channel partner on their very next deal.


There were several art installations set up. One had tables covered in part black and part white cloth arranged in one corner of the room and loaded with typewriters, antique phones and other things. Another was “The Bull”, which was thematically linked with ‘Wallstreet’. There was also an instant photo booth. 


Other entertainment included an Aerial Act by a foreign artist. His rising and falling suddenly was thematically linked to the Sensex. Next a Shadow Act that made use of the Wallstreet jingle was performed, where 18 dancers gracefully formed shapes and structures behind a huge screen. Without the use of props, they formed a building, car, tables, office, etc. This act was accompanied by the delivery of information on the commercial space.


The Think Tank Entertainment conceptualized and executed the event on June18 at the Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

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