LED Furniture by RSG Lights for an event executed by Q Events by Geeta Samuel

5 Smart Ways to Reduce Wedding Decor Costs!

Weddings | July 23, 2015 | News


Amongst the various aspects of a wedding, decor is undoubtedly one of the primary heads that make the overall wedding budget sky rocketing. Although at many high profile weddings, a major chunk of the budget is used towards entertainment in addition to decor.

However, it is not really possible to reduce entertainment and artist costs hugely because one has to pay what a particular artist charges if he/she has to be roped in for entertainment. On the other hand, decor costs can be reduced drastically by using some smart alternatives. 

These alternative ideas will not only drastically reduce your overall decor cost but also look absolutely stunning!


#1. USE CANE: Cane can be used to form mesh balls which are sturdy and are suited to form various props and installations.

Decor by Theme Weavers 


#2. GO FOR TENSILE CLOTH: Tensile cloth on the other hand can be stretched and can be used to form diverse shapes for ceiling coverings on which projections can be made to contribute to the event’s look and feel. 

Decor by Theme Weavers

Anushree Aggarwal, Director, Theme Weavers International feels that one of the most inspiring and unique décor concepts that are in trend is cane and tensile cloth. These concepts are lasting and economical as well. Thus, these things are manageable to be efficient and look trendy as well.


#3. USE LED LIGHTS : LED Lights not only add the perfect amount of bling to a cocktail or wedding, they are also super economical as they reduce the genset cost hugely. 

Decor by Pomegranate and FNP Weddings


#4 ILLUMINATED FURNITURE: LED Furniture is battery operated as a resulty of which the electricity cost is reduced to a large extent. Moreover, because it also looks stunning and adds glamour to the anbience, the need for elaborate decor reduces!

LED Furniture by RSG Lights


#5 USE MORE DRY ELEMENTS THAN FRESH FLOWERS: One can reduce the cost of decor by using less of consumables like fresh flowers. Non floral props and dry elements could do the trick! Using artistic elements like ice carving can also be the answer.

Decor by Elie Berchan Wedding and Events Creation, Lebanon



These alternative ideas will not only drastically reduce your overall decor cost but also look absolutely stunning!

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