"In the Indian mindset, we have learnt to revel in chaos" - Suresh Madan, Dynamix Media

Business Events | July 1, 2015 | News

WOW Convention Asia

The WOW Convention and Awards Asia 2015 took place on June 25 at JW Marriot New Delhi Aerocity, featuring world class speakers in a string of power packed panel discussions and panel discussions.

The first Knowledge Exchange session as part of the WOW Convention Asia 2015 comprised of panelists Suresh Madan, Director, DynaMixMedia, who also led the session, Hitesh Kumar, Director, Splat Media Pvt Ltd. and Manish Mavani, Director, SNL Pro, who expressed their views on the topic "AV & Lighting Design - A holistic approach". 

Vinod Janardhan, MD, Team Rustic, was the host to the Knowledge exchange sessions in Studio II at the WOW Convention Asia 2015, welcoming delegates and introducing each panel.

The panelists threw light on the need for collaborations between lighting designer (if there is one), AV Solution provider, AV content producer and the set designer of an event, the risks of these elements being out of sync and practical steps to encourage collaborative efforts and take the output of an event to the next level.

Taking charge of the session, Hitesh Kumar, showed an interesting presentation where he focused on the Content Creator's perspective on meeting day to day challenges. Sharing a common observation, Kumar, said, "Many times, we are requested to create an audience experience that gives them goosebumps. The experience is not just dependent on the content creator. It is the holistic approach that matters". In his presentation, Kumar, highlighted the recipe for optimized communication which is a mix of audio, visual and lighting. 

Stressing on the importance of lighting designers, Kumar said, "Lighting designers can take an event to a magical level. Much of the experience in a show is of the lights while audio visual is just a part of the whole scheme". Kumar also stressed on how AV Solution Providers should complement the creation with the right technology and should be guiding the show from the very beginning. He then, spoke about how the usage of the sound system and how their placement plans can help mix music greatly and about audio being 50% of the illusion for 3D project mapping. He also mentioned that the content creator can benefit from the audio hardware detailing.

Showcasing his belief that 'The key to success is planning concisely', Manish Mavani, shared a one minute video clip showcasing the meticulous pre-production for a Pink - Truth of Love Concert that took place in 2013. Adding further, he said, "If someone has the vision, you can do many things that don't seem possible, be it a crunch with budget, vision or time."

Suresh Madan, then, highlighted the need to identify partners early on, with the good ones bound to contribute positively to the project. Stressing on the importance of bringing trusted partners on board, he, said, "You cannot produce extraordinary things with ordinary effort. The challenge we bring upon ourselves that is avoidable, is the fact that we do not rope in suppliers on board truly as partners in the discussion stage. Since our clients expect us to produce magic, we have to figure a way of bringing together partners into the discussion stage."

Concluding, Madan, said, "In the Indian mindset, we have learnt to revel in chaos and settle for something that is just about it which can be no greater disservice to our work. Most people do things mindlessly, we must change that approach."

At the end of the session, there was a Q&A session with the audience, who asked the speakers interesting questions with regards to the challenges they have faced in this segment.


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