IN VOGUE: 5 unique décor ideas seen at recent weddings!

Weddings | July 3, 2015 | News

Take a look at these 'Hot N Happening' decor ideas that are being used at weddings and pre-wedding celebrations.

#1. FLOWER PAPER CRAFT: Although there are very few vendors in Delhi that deal in these, the trend is catchin pace at weddings. Each flower is handmade and hand cut and each flower has to be stuck properly one-by- one. It is a long taxing procedure but will be worth your while when you see the final result. Since it is made by hand, it can be made in any shape, size or colour according to the clients requirements.

A flower craft wall can be used on the sides of the stage, as a photo opp background or as a buffet background in the dining area!

Decor by Elusive Dreams


#2. FIBRE OPTIC COLOUR CHANGING FOWERS:  One of the hottest trend this season is infusing technology into event decor. Check out  these fibre optic colour changing flowers used by Pomegranate for stage decoration. 

Decor by FNP Weddings & Pomegranate


#3. FRUIT CENTERPIECES: Mix flowers and fruits to create beautiful table arrangements or slice pineapples and use them as vases for a beach wedding. You could also use lemons and oranges to hide flower stems.


#.4 GIANT INSTALLATION WITH INITIALS: It not only makes a dramatic backdrop, but also a great personalised photo booth. Check out this Giant bulb lit installation on the beach created by Devika Narain.


#5. HANDMADE MACREME CHANDELIERS & BELLS: As opposed to just doing a wreath or a stack,  you can use completely handmade Macreme Chandeliers and Bells which are crafted by skilled craftsmen in rural Bengal. These have been seen being used at many weddings in and outside the country!

Decor by Marriageuana



These decor elements and props are adding uniqueness to a variety of wedding and pre-wedding celebrations across the country and even abroad!

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