Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding

Weddings | June 15, 2015 | News

Gitikka Ganju Dhar Rashi Entertainment

Wedding events in India now have the industry’s trusted talker on their side… Band, baaja, baaraat & Gitikka! As EVENTFAQS’ guest reporter, Gitikka reports back on the recently concluded Soni-Verma wedding by Rashi Entertianment.

The calendar date, June 2, 2015 hosted one roar of a party at The Nitesh, situated on NH8. The bride to be, Ayushi Verma and the groom to be, Adish Soni danced one last time, as bachelorette and bachelor! And boy, did they break ground! Keeping them company on stage were the hit duo Meet Brothers and actors Chitrangdha Singh, Zareen Khan and Shefali Zariwala. Winning the hearts and ears of the gathering was chatterbox supreme, the very popular Manish Paul, needless to say, his entry marked the maximum applause! And yours truly, In my very first appearance as live host at a premium wedding sangeet.

“Gitikka’s foray into the social space is an important happening, she will surely raise the bar and value-add to the sheer quality of anchoring in this genre,” says Naushad Khan, MD, E-Positive Entertainment.

The talk bounced back and forth between Manish and me, resulting in a perfect jugalbandi between the us, making guests laugh, laugh and laugh. It was a hit and run, delivered with panache!

I am lucky to have executed every possible kind of event in the live space. The creative in me was yearning to explore new pastures. I needed a new challenge.  At EEMAGINE 2015, which I hosted, Rajeev touched upon the idea of me hosting an upcoming sangeet and I said yes, yes, yes! Thanks to his foresight, I am hooked! The freedom to express at a social event, is so liberating.

Rajeev Jain, MD, Rashi Entertainment, said, “She is still the best. I welcome her to the world of wedding events. She was very good on stage with Manish Paul, playful, interactive and spontaneous. My best wishes to her.”

The patriarch of the Soni family, Naresh Soni was seen enjoying every moment of the evening designed to create magical memories for his family. Rashi Entertainment handled all the wedding functions across all verticals. The Soni-Verma wedding was conceptualized, executed and handled by the young & spirited team of Rashi Entertainment.

The décor by The Nitesh glittered and glimmered in shades of white, hot pink and gold. Everywhere my gaze moved, I looked at beauty. Alice in wonderland too, would have been amazed. Every nook and corner was finished to perfection, giving the ambience a world-class feel. The cuisine by Food Art was a regal spread that was designed to spoil the guests rotten. I can report with accuracy that every possible world cuisine a guest could wish for, was there for the taking.

The goliaths of sound in India, Modern Stage designed and executed the sound. Chitrangdha was a big hit with the audience and old favorite Shefali Zariwala delivered a bang on performance. Meet brothers climaxed the evening with their brand of popular music and song. That evening, everybody was a disco dancer, everybody a mad hatter.

So, what was the most special about this wedding? As I walked out, I thought to myself, every face is bubbling with happiness. Isn’t that what a wedding is all about, a happy splash before the bride and the groom settle down into domesticity.

The Soni-Verma wedding was conceptualized, executed and handled by Rashi Entertainment.

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  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding
  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding
  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding
  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding
  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding
  • Gitikka gets social for Soni-Verma wedding

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