Budget weddings in Thailand can be cheaper than Delhi, Mumbai or Goa weddings!

Weddings | June 9, 2015 | News

Foreign Wedding Planners

Today even couples from middle-class families aspire to have a destination wedding! Speaking of Thailand, with close proximity to Indian shores, the frequency of flights to the destiantion is excellent from most metros and the fare often better than most Indian destinations like Kerala and Goa. The culture similarity, hospitality, value for money etc further ensures that Thailand emerges, as the most preferred destination for Indian weddings abroad. Who would mind having a fairy tale wedding on a sandy beach, with blue skies and turquoise water as the backdrop?

Most people have a myth that a wedding in Thailand is more expensive and is only for the affluent. Shockingly, our research reveals that a metro wedding in Delhi, Mumbai or Goa could cost much more if not the same as a wedding in Thailand! According to various planners, the quality and the professionalism found in Thailand locales is abundant making the entire experience even more fabulous.

Neha Mehrotra, Director, Foreign Wedding Planners shares details of some Budget Weddings that the agency has successfully executed in different locations in Thailand.

Foreign Wedding Planners is a 'Wedding Specialist ' certified by Toursim Authority of Thailand.

The agency provides A to Z solutions for only weddings in Thailand to clients from across the globe. 

She explains how some small décor elements, if created intelligently can make it possible for anyone and everyone to have a Thailand wedding.

Although these may seem like small elements they significantly reduce the overall decor budget of a wedding in Thailand.





#1 Make Minimalist Mandaps: 

Instead of heavy duty mandaps, you should create ones which are made bamboo and other natural elements. Not only do these Manaps provide a befitting beach-side look but remain very budget-friendly. Not to mention the refreshing change that they are from the overdone marigold and roses adorned mandaps.

#2 Use Local Flowers

Decor elements like centerpieces and props can be created using local flowers like Orchids, Roses, Lilies and Chrysanthemums etc which are not very heavy on the client’s pocket as a result of being locally available.

#3 Create Themes not Sets: 

Mehrotra explained how the agency has created stunning themes for Thailand Weddings using natural products rather than creating full-fledged sets which not only take a lot of space but also take away from the entire beachy, relaxed and fun vibe.

Mehrotra elaborated, “For a Moroccan/Arabic theme we would use the hotel's sun beds to create low seatings. Similarly for a pool side event we use normal hotel beach beds and beach umbrellas to provide a thematic look to the venue which fortunately turns out to be cost effective also. Detailing can often be so creative and stunning that it takes away the thought of not having spent big-bucks! “

Neha Mehrotra, Director, Foreign Wedding Planners shares cost reduction tips and details of some budget weddings that the agency has successfully executed in Thailand.

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