Geeta Samuel, Managing Director, Q Events

Decor Diktat: Insights into decor by Geeta Samuel

Weddings | May 25, 2015 | Interview

Geeta Samuel Q Events

With new decor companies emerging each day with several innovative themes and concepts, it is needless to say that one has to continuously strive to innovate and bring fresh ideas to the table in order to have an edge over competitors.  

Veteran wedding designer and décor specialist, Geeta Samuel, Managing Director, Q Events, tells us what it really takes to produce flawless, awe-inspiring experiences incorporating ‘never seen before’ themes and entirely fresh concepts. 

"Our experience over many years of practice is one big advantage we possess and being able to produce almost anything in-house is another. We manufacture our own custom furniture, steel structures and canopies, doorways, arches, bars, carved wood columns, etc. We constantly keep up with trends in art, fashion, films and music to deliver new and exciting concepts each time and are able to see it through in every aspect. The aim is to deliver everything from a clients’ wish list as every event has a large sentimental quotient."      

Speaking of a recent unique event executed in Delhi by Q Events, Geeta Samuel said, "We fashioned the divine atmosphere of the ‘Ganga Aarti’. The ancient city of Banaras was re-created with the couple receiving stage beside a 240 feet long water body with candlelit ‘ghats’ leading into the holy Ganges. We designed three dimensional temple structures surrounding the venue with elevated lounges in the center. The lounges were adorned with painted works of art on the ceiling reflecting the colors and spirituality attached to the Banaras city."

According to her, today, people are looking more into modern, luxe and clean colour palates with bolder accents. International décor trends are influencing Indian weddings significantly. People’s awareness of international trends is enriching the trends in Indian weddings. Therefore one witnesses a drift towards glocal trends which take into account a complementary fusion of global and local. The horizon has widened and therefore newer, ‘never seen before’ concepts are coming in.

Another unique concept executed by the company was a Royal Opera themed experience for a reception in New Delhi. The style incorporated was monumental and included classical architecture with the use of external ornamentation. The interiors emulated an opera theatre which had interweaving corridors, stairwells, alcoves and landing, allowing the movement of large number of people and space for socializing. The colour story of the theme revolved around red, black and gold. Rich and luxurious fabrics like velvets, silks, gold brocades were replicated to put together a memorable experience.

Stressing on the importance of the collaboration between an event company and a décor company in making an event successful, Geeta Samuel said, "Communication is the key, amongst all the agencies involved in creating a particular experience. Today an event, specially a wedding requires the synergy of many different agencies. We have to be well synchronized to balance aspects like spacing and other technical knowhows. Therefore, we have to keep each other well informed of the plan charts, execution, procedures and any last minute changes that may be required to run the event smoothly."

The decor specialist mentioned that an element that plays a vital role in accentuating the decor at a social event or a wedding is lighting. She said, "Lighting sets the mood and tone of the event, usually brighter for weddings and receptions and more colorful for sangeet celebrations and cocktail parties. Lighting accents all decor elements with colour and provides functional illumination for lounging, dining and entertainment. At Q Events, our lighting is meticulously planned and every feature is well covered, right from the entry, lounges, bars, and dining tables to the buffet area, stages, florals, landscaping and restrooms."

Elaborating on the evolution of the weddings and social events industry, Geeta Samuel said, "Decor at social events and weddings has evolved significantly in the past decade. The industry thrives primarily on client’s wishes and inputs. Therefore, the basic change has been that clients today make a very informed choice. The market has become more cosmopolitan and the industry has been influenced positively by the market drives and vice versa. Over the years, clients have become more aware as they have a lot of foreign exposure. Social media undeniably plays a vital role in their day to day routine. People today are well aware of not just the bigger picture but also the minor details that go into the execution of an event. However, this works in our favor as most people have a clear idea of what they want and we can explain the working at our level."

The MD of Q Events explains what it really takes to produce flawless, awe-inspiring experiences incorporating fresh themes and concepts.

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