A tantalizing F&B experience for 'The Bali Wedding' by Seasons Catering

Weddings | May 18, 2015 | News

Seasons Catering was responsible for the F&B at the Cocktail Party of popular socialite Sanjiv Bali’s daughter’s recent wedding. The spread was set up at 3 different areas in the venue- a private farmhouse in Chattarpur which hosted approximately 1400 guests.

The front lawn of the venue was used for the buffet layout while the back lawn featured an elevated bar set-up, Live Tapas display and an elaborate cheese display. 3 lounges were set up along the central standing area, in front of the performance stage.

Near the water bodies at the farm, Seasons set-up a Satellite Bar with a prompt visual Stone Oven Pizza Display, to deliver freshly baked pizzas to all the guests along with the drinks. The bar displayed a wide range of the best international brands along with a team of dedicated butlers to serve it in the finest fashion to the esteemed guests.

With a team of 180 waiters and butlers and 120 meal creators, headed by 3 top management staff of the Seasons Catering and 6 professional managers including the Managing Director himself, was personally involved in the execution to ensure that the F&B experience remains superlative.

The buffet layout was an array of a wide range of cuisines from across the globe,– Purani Dilli, Special Biryani and Salaan Counters, authentic Awadhi cuisine layout, the famous Amritsari food, Live Kebab stations – a specialty the Jahajgarh ke Burra and Boti kebabs deserve a special mention, to name a few.

An Oriental buffet was laid out with traditional WOKs to display and present food, the classic Mediterranean buffet, Live Pasta station etc. A Teppanyaki counter with a choice of Veg and Non veg fillings was also part of the buffet layout.

Then there was the famous robust Arabic counter with Sheesh Kebabs and many other scrumptious Arabic delicacies!

To sum up the meal were the lavish desert displays in Indian and western flavours, which were hard to miss. The most popular and rather interesting was the Live Jalebi station, along with the Tilla KulfiI station.

The entire grandeur of the setup, the food, the décor, the layouts, the cuisines and the flavours was all brought to a grand finale with the Flambé coffees like Serpentine, Irish, Café Royale, Café Diablo and many more.

Sanjay Khullar, Vice Chairman,Seasons Group said, “The client was very clear on the fact that the guests must not, at any point, be reaching out to the counters, rather we as the caterers were to ensure that all esteemed guests were taken care of with a personal touch.”

Khullar also explained how since the dining area was not too big and a space restriction was there while setting up the live clay oven for the Indian breads. Therefore, Seasons had to device a way to ensure we could serve fresh Naans and Rotis for all our guests along with avoiding any delays or congestion around the area.



Seasons used the concept of Naan and Roti Hawkers, with string baskets around their necks to be on the move through the dining area to ensure each guest was served hot breads.





The front lawn of the venue was used for the buffet layout while the back lawn featured an elevated bar set-up, live Tapas display and an elaborate cheese display.

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  • A tantalizing F&B experience for
  • A tantalizing F&B experience for
  • A tantalizing F&B experience for
  • A tantalizing F&B experience for

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