3 experts share their decor forecast for weddings this summer!

Weddings | May 12, 2015 | News

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Wedding decor is all about making a statement, from the colour palette you choose to the accents that will define the day.

Like in every other aspect of a wedding, here also, the client’s personal preferences and tastes matter the most. However, every season sees a few prevalent trends, raging concepts and hot décor ideas. Some décor experts who are known to innovate continually in their projects tell us what’s trending now!


Nandita Advani, Wedding Division Head, F5 Weddings says, “Floral pattern mixed with bold colours makes for one of the most unique and gorgeous look for the wedding.

A mixed array of unconventional floral vessels like a kettle, painted mason jars or bicycle truly enhances the theme.

Quirky floral bridal attire to a hand painted (a BIG trend now) wedding cake, it’s these tiny little hints of floral prints that are adding a touch of whimsy to weddings these days.”





While on the other hand, Anushree Aggarwal, Director Theme Weavers feels, “The trend in decor clearly coming about now-a-days in weddings is creating zones amidst the same space, in order to provide varied experiences.This is especially seen for the food area, performance area and the reception area.”

With larger and smaller venues, this is applied in order to maximize the guest experience leaving them with a WOW feeling.

Aggarwal added, “We used this technique to surprise the guests as they move along from zone to zone. So, not only does the decor change, but also the lighting, the food service style, the seating etc.”



In her summer wedding trend forecast, Rasika Bhatia, Director, Wedding Commitments bets on cool cocktail colours and icy cool décor, mint greens, lemon crush and orange soda pop colours and ocean blues! Cocktails of similar colours if encouraged in the bar will add more element. For example, large punch bowls in ocean colours.

She says, “These colours create an ombre effect to replicate the feelings of relaxation when the guest reaches the event.

Signage and slogans also are hugely trending now, perhaps because they sort of tale the guest away from the madness of the traffic he/she witnessed on their way to the venue.



Music of the chimes is another hot favourite, not only does it encourage conversations which are impossible with blaring bands and loud music systems, the celebrations are kicked off in a very subtle and soothing manner “

According to Bhatia, that will be the sense of the season for the next couple of months at the least !


Some décor experts who are known to innovate continually in their projects tell us what’s trending now and what will dominate the world of decor for the next few months!

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