#HannoverMesse2015 opening ceremony catapults brand ‘Wizcraft'

Industry Watch | April 20, 2015 | News

Wizcraft Sabbas Joseph Viraf Sarkari

There is no doubt Wizcraft is the top agency of India when it comes to brand perception / recall. Ask an Indian corporate to name 3 event management agencies and you can be rest assured the first name will be Wizcraft followed by another 2 the corporate may have worked with in the past. 

An already envious position to be in; the opening ceremony of Hannover Messe 2015 has further boosted the brand image of Wizcraft as the country’s premier event agency. 

As the saying in the industry goes, while every other agency has to put in year round BD efforts to get a chance to present, Wizcraft gets invited to every big pitch. 

And there is good reason for the same. Begins with the first movers advantage - Wizcraft is the oldest ‘event management’ agency of the country.

Then comes the Michael Jackson concert that made Wizcraft a household name. Followed by IIFA, GIMA, CWG opening ceremony and now the Hannover Messe 2015 opening ceremony.

Check out Wizcraft’s official Facebook and Twitter pages to get a sense of the traction that they received on the back of #HannoverMesse2015 opening ceremony.



You may also want to follow these two Wizs on twitter:

@VirafSarkari: https://twitter.com/virafsarkari

@WizSabbas :http://https://twitter.com/wizsabbas

Read more about this campaign and Wizcraft’s role in the same here

Last weekend saw a lot of action with industry folks,celebrities and general public lauding Wizcraft’s effort in manifesting the PM’s vision of Make In India into a fantastic audio visual presentation

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