Hong Kong, Asia’s world city beckons! A fresh, new marketing campaign unveiled!

Marketing | April 14, 2015 | News

Hong Kong Gitikka Ganju Dhar Team Rustic Hong Kong Tourism Board Sunil Puri

Gitikka Ganju Dhar is EVENTFAQS’ guest correspondent and contributor, reporting LIVE from the events that she hosts. Gitikka a well-known anchor and one of the most established names amongst hosts for events and conferences, lends her journalist expertise while reporting from an event, with first-hand details of the on-goings.

According to Trip Barometer - the biannual study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of TripAdvisor, based on responses from over trends 61,000 travelers (who are TripAdvisor website users) and hoteliers around the world, with 890 respondents from India: ‘Indians are amongst the most likely to be planning international travel this year, along with travelers from New Zealand and China’. 66% of Indians from this lot are planning to travel abroad. Due to its sheer numbers and the current state of economic optimism, India is an important market for Tourism Boards across the Asia-pacific region. Since summer vacations for children are round the corner, it is the right time to draw the attention of the Indian traveler.

Come April, The Hong Kong Tourism Board unveiled a new marketing campaign directed at the overseas Indian traveler. The campaign has a fresh feel to it. The pulsating energy, characteristic of Hong Kong, clearly comes through. It is glossy, engaging, but real. The campaign is titled ‘My Time for Hong Kong’, and is aimed at highlighting the various experiences that Hong Kong has to offer. With today’s modern traveler seeking authentic experiences, the new campaign intends to build an emotional connect with travelers allowing them to feel the sights and sounds of Asia’s world city like a local, even before their visit. It promises travelers a different world, every moment. The campaign draws from what makes Hong Kong special, a set of four attributes, Hong Kong’s non-stop intensity, fascinating contrasts, compact variety and the fact that as a city, it is distinctly trendy. The campaign covers the entire brand-width of experiences in Hong Kong.

The launch of the campaign was led by Anthony Lau, Executive Director, Hong Kong Tourism Board; Peter Hoslin -Regional Director, Europe and New Markets, Hong Kong Tourism Board; who both flew down to Mumbai to personally connect with the guests, trade-partners and members of the press. On the occasion of the launch, Anthony Lao said, ”India is one of our key source markets and we have been developing new avenues to engage and interact with the Indian traveler. The campaign is our effort to showcase the diversity of experiences offered by Hong Kong and to promote Hong Kong as a preferred travel destination amongst Indian travelers.” Sunil Puri, Managing Director, Mileage Communication India - Representative India (HKTB) was also present at the launch event.

The event also saw the designed presence of popular faces from the television industry Dheeraj Dhoopar and Nehalaxmi, the cast of the popular daily soap, ‘Sasural Simar Ka’, one of India’s top rated dramas. HKTB ran a film that captured moments from the stars’ recent visit to Hong Kong and at the end of the film, out came the two, LIVE on stage. The actors shared their happy memories from their visit to Hong Kong in an animated chat with the anchor-designate of the event, yours truly. Dheeraj was especially excited to have visited the Avenue of Stars, Bruce Lee being the star he came looking for.

The event was managed by Team Rustic, who delivered a neat job. The event depended largely on the audio-visuals screened, the cosmopolitan ambience of the small set and the connect the speakers on stage had to establish with the audience. As I exited the venue, I could feel in the air the vibe of an event, precisely delivered.

So, time to say Nihao in Asia’s world city, Hong Kong!

EVENTFAQS guest correspondent, Gitikka Ganju Dhar, Live Anchor & Television Host reports from the event.

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