The Design Forum 2015 by 'The 5 Guys Project'

Business Events | March 19, 2015 | News

The Design Forum The 5 Guys Project Samit Garg Rajesh Varma ICWF

A platform to break the conventional style of approaching design and to instigate dialogue and creativity, The Design Forum (TDF) is a riveting and unique integration for the event fraternity and enthusiasts, which shall shall bring forth the crossover of art and experience in its true sense, by transforming spaces into intriguing experiential zones.

An initiative of International Convention of Wedding Fraternity (ICWF), TDF is conceived and conceptualized by The 5 Guys Project.

Rajesh Varma, Founder Director at CRI Events Pvt.Ltd and a member of The Five Guys Project shared “Having designed and executed 2 editions of ICWF, we felt a need to create a platform to encourage growth in an area we felt was lacking in the experiential space both in corporate and social and that thought gave birth to TDF, we are sure it will be an enriching experience for all".

TDF shall not limit itself to a particular genre of design, nor will it focus on a specific craft or technique. It is about giving physical form to a creative vision. It is envisaged to grow to be a one-of-a-kind platform to bridge the distance between the experiential events industry and the art and design space.

The 2015 inaugural edition will take place on April 5, at the Garden Terraces, Fortune Park, DJ Avenue from 3 pm to 11pm. It will focus on different formats of interactive art and installations and its relevance to the domain of events in terms of appropriateness, functionality and beauty to facilitate the creation of bespoke experiential spaces.

It will enable the attendees to experience the visual treat that interactive art & installations are capable of creating through explored geometries. This demonstration of concepts shall be the genesis of unlimited possibilities of ideas, not limited by size or scale.

The designers on board TDF are Rajiv Sethi, Jwalant Mahadevwala, Anuj Anjaria & Tarang Sagara, Rebecca Ruebens, Mukesh Yadav, Zuby Johal and Rajiv Subba.  

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Samit Garg, CEO of E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and a member of The Five Guys Project, explains, “We’ve been scouring the country for designers and artists who can add value to event spaces, both indoor and outdoor – offering brands the opportunity to create a dynamic, urban presence or families to actualise engaging spaces for social events. Our research has led us from the more obvious to little-known forms of installations that offer a completely blank canvas with incredibly exciting possibilities. We’ve all witnessed the growing trends and unending demand of innovation. Now brands and families have started thinking the same way, demanding experiences that catalyse interaction, action and dialogue.”


Atul S Nath, Managing Director of Candid Marketing, and a member of The Five Guys Project said “The Forum shall include an articulation by each of the handpicked designers showcasing their genre. Post this; the audience shall be a part of an open networking evening with spot transactions. The format adopted is very engaging and an effective medium for the experiential event fraternity, as much as for design experts and scholars, students and art enthusiasts.”





The platform is envisaged to grow to be a one-of-a-kind platform to bridge the distance between the experiential events industry and the art and design industry.

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