Regal Rendezvous: Yet another royal experience in Rajasthan by Wedniksha!

Weddings | March 17, 2015 | News


Wedniksha recently planned, managed and executed a two-day wedding in Jaipur, where accommodation for guests was organized at The Marriot and The Lalit. On arrival at the hotel, guests were welcomed with floral garlands, Arti Tikka & folk artists. The welcome also featured The Explosion Band, Kachi Ghodi, a Kalbeliya dancer, 2 Bigul players, Dhols and a Ghoomar Dancer.

After the check-ins, a Welcome Lunch and Milni Ceremony were organized at the Sapphire Ballroom of Marriott Hotel. The same evening, an Indo- western LED styled Sangeet took place at Jaigarh Fort which saw over 700 attendees. The entrance was lit up with a lineup of Darbaans holding up mashals while a tight rope walker performing to the instrumental music of the Tabla & Sitar.

Wedniksha created a Larger than Life 20 feet high three-mirror (closed triangle) type Modern Day Kaleidoscope with a depth of 16 feet for a Sangeet ceremony at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur placed in one of the courtyards of the Jaigarh Fort as entertainment for guests during the event.  The audiovisual broadcasted a custom made story of Jaigarh Fort along with graphically creative kaleidoscope inspired visuals.

Explaining the concept, Bhavnesh Sawhney, Director, Wedniksha said: “A kaleidoscope is, at its heart, a symmetry machine. It uses a prism of mirrors to generate symmetric patterns of light and color from asymmetric objects. The essential joy in looking into a kaleidoscope comes from the amazement of discovering symmetry in objects where none is expected.”

The agency also roped in LED dancers, Fire Poi Dancers and  Aerial artists for the evening. The Mughal Garden at the Jaigarh Fort witnessed family performances choreographed by Vinod Sumeet, performances by popular bands like Dunes of Rajasthan and Aditi Singh Sharma & Band.

One of the main highlights of the evening was the revelation of the couple to the guests. The couple’s love story was projected on a 16 feet long and 20 feet wide cape which the groom was wearing while standing on a 6 feet high riser. A designer was hired to create the customized cape for the groom, which was an Indian Royal Maharaja style cape with a little embellishment just around the neck. 

As per the agency, the challenges faced included using a fabric that was not too heavy as that would cause the groom to topple down and one that was not see-through as the projection quality would suffer. The cape was finally created to perfection after 3 trials. 6 edits later the Projection Audiovisual was finally ready. The movie began with classic, antique looking maps of the two kingdoms along with their respective family emblems which later went on to depict how these two royal families were always meant to meet in every birth.The movie ended with the lights coming on and the revelation of the bride and groom to the audience.

The next day, a Carnival themed lunch was hosted at Bardiya Villa. 

One of the most enjoyed elements was a cricket match featuring two teams which were named Mumbai Queens (bride’s side) and Pune Kings (groom’s side). Ten stalls were created which featured a palmist, a tarot card reader and games like Toran Marna, Ring Toss, archery and lots more.

Other games played between the families on stage were Antakshari, Housie, couple games, balloon dancing etc. A Kite flying session and a Tug of War also took place. Head massagers and Caricature Artiste were also available for the guests. The couple entered accompanied by jugglers and acrobats. 

On Jan 30, the wedding and the culmination of the Royal themed Reception took place at City Palace. Red, gold, purple, and peacock blue colours were seen predominantly in the décor. The entire Royal style Baraat  had the Groom ride in a Chariot along with  horses, camels, elephants,. After the Toran Mar Ceremony, the groom procedded to the Jaimala Stage accompanied by Dholwallas & Flag Bearers while the Bride was brought in a royal Palaquin accompanied by live rangoli, warriors and diya dancers.  


Singers Merlin and Hamsika Iyer created special chants which marked the Jaymala ceremony. A delicate tree was the main vidhi area, which later on became the family crest.

The two-day extravaganza saw a plethora of performing artists and some offbeat entertainment concepts.

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