5 reasons why Singapore caters to the Indian Food Palate like no other city in the world

Industry Watch | March 17, 2015 | News

Out for work and yearn for the familiar whiff of your favorite home-made delicacies? We give you 5 reasons why meetings in Singapore feel like a home away from home!


1. Food soaked in history!

India’s cultural and historical standing in the world is known to one and all and its cuisine, is a direct reflection of that. Few countries in the world can boast of such an extensive and wide range of curries to their credit. However, Singapore knows how to keep the “India” in the food alive and bearing testimony to that claim are the plethora of heritage restaurants serving tantalizing Indian fare.

 Tandoori delicacies at Samy's Curry


Tuck into the Masala Chicken and Tandoori Prawns at Samy's Curry while taking a trip down memory lane amidst the two-decade-old restaurant’s unique and serene ambience in Dempsey Hill.

Samy's also provides catering services for private gatherings within a range of S$13-18 per head.

With three bustling outlets in Singapore city, another popular haunt is Muthu's Curry, which prides itself on the various North Indian and coastal delicacies it dishes out!

The establishment which dates back to 1969 boasts of an award-winning Fish Head Curry that has managed to turn many a heads and has rightly earned its place as the signature dish of the restaurant.

Muthu's caters for corporate get-togethers with a lavish buffet setup.




The signature fish head curry at Muthu's Curry


Another heritage Indian eatery setting shop in Singapore is the iconic Saravana Bhavan that offers the option of massive outdoor catering for upto 10,000 people! With 7 outlets lining all prominent areas across the city, it is hard to miss out on the delectable South Indian and North Indian fare you get here.



2. The Finer Side of India

With an economy growing as fast as India’s, the thrill for intimate and exclusive experiences has sky-rocketed! Today’s Indian is a constant seeker of the good life and wants to be privy to stunning fine-dining experiences. No trip to Singapore is complete without paying a visit to these spectacular and popular Indian haunts.

Rang Mahal, a legendary fine-dining restaurant located in Pan Pacific Hotel dishes up some gastronomic masterpieces. Feel the culinary explosion unfurl in your mouth after experiencing dishes like Quinoa Upma, Tandoori Lobster and Samarkand Prawns! With a seating capacity for 18 guests, the restaurant offers an unparalleled ambience for your private gathering!

Tandoor, another fine-dining gem in the Indian culinary offering, boasts of a prime location at Holiday Inn, Orchard City Centre. Offering a plush experience for its guests, the Maharajah Suite, the private dining room, accommodates up to 50 people making it a unique location for your next gathering. Indulge in some succulent kebabs while sipping some vintage wine from the restaurant's private wine cellars.


Fine dining experience at Tandoor


The Song of India housed in a stunning white and black bungalow

If you’re looking for a place that oozes luxury, The Song of India, fits the bill! 

The fine-dining luxurious restaurant that is housed in a stunning black and white bungalow, defines grandeur and opulence and offers a chic and refreshing alternative from the regular event venues.

Experience the “Journey Through India”, a premium set menu that takes you on a six course expedition across India and indulge that sweet-tooth by feasting on some mouth-watering desserts to end that perfect meal.



3. Star-Glazed Culinary Delights!

Indians absolutely LOVE glamour in any form! When that glamour is fused with food, they seem to have found a solution to many of life's worries! Renowned celebrity chefs have set up their chains in Singapore elevating the culinary quotient for your next event!

Punjab Grill, the brainchild of Jiggs Kalra, fondly known as the czar of Indian cuisine and also the FIRST Asian to be inducted in the International Food and Beverage Gourmet Hall of Fame, boasts of a stunning location in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant is one of the most European-centric in the Indian fine dining market owing to its light food, quality ingredients and impeccable presentation. Get ready for a culinary journey traversing through the prominent regions of Punjab and the North West Frontier!


Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra at The Shoppes by Marina Bay Sands


For a western twist on those classical dishes, check out Abhijit Saha's Saha Signature Indian Restaurant and Bar! Saha's avant-garde interpretation of classics like Kakori Lamb Roulade, Modern Paneer Mattar and Gulab Jamun Cheesecake will elevate your culinary experience ten-fold! Saha also houses a 22-seat al Fresco Terrace Bar which boasts of avant-garde mixology inspired cocktails making it the perfect setting to unwind after those hectic meetings!


Abhijit Saha's avant-garde take on a dish




4. No Dearth of Local Vegetarian Fare

As a cosmopolitan Indian-friendly hub, Singapore NEVER disappoints! The city boasts of extensive vegetarian options dotted across the city's compact frame.

If you're bored of the Indian fare and want to indulge in authentic Thai cuisine, then Whole Earth, Singapore's only Peranakan-Thai restaurant, is the place to be! An absolute vegetarian paradise, the Thai Battered Oyster Mushroom, Oatmeal Tofus and Kong Bah are some of the restaurant's signature dishes.


Thai battered oyster mushroom at Whole Earth


LingZhi, another vegetarian restaurant, offers delectable Chinese vegetarian gourmet fare like Braised Spinach Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Vegetarian Satay for its buffets and set menus. LingZhi also offers packages for in-house banquets and outdoor events catering, truly adding a creative vegetarian twist to your next event!


LingZhi's Brocoflower and Yellow Fungus with Chef's Special Sauce


While stressing on vegetarian fare, it is impossible to miss the oldest Indian vegetarian eatery in the city, Ananda Bhavan! The restaurant, which opened way back in 1924 at the rim of Little India, offers e-catering services for its customized menu packages comprising breakfast, North Indian, South Indian, a High-Tea and a Fusion Spread. From the famous North Indian Maharaja Thali to the common Indian man's breakfast, Ananda Bhavan caters to people from all walks of life! But if you miss sampling the fare here, make sure to feast on appams and dosas to your heart’s content at its branch at Terminal 2 of the Changi Airport before you take off!



5. A homely experience: Little India

Step into this chaotic Singaporean neighborhood and you'll feel like you've been transported to India! Staying true to its name, "Little India", offers a bustling and vibrant mini-India experience for your group!. If you're homesick, then you’ve surely stumbled upon the right area! Tuck into scrumptious biryani at Allaudin's Briyani or enjoy a sophisticated meal at ‘Taste of India' admiring its gallery-like atmosphere. Seldom does one find as much value as Komala Villas, which boasts of generous vegetarian thali sets costing as low as S$3. That’s hardly 150 rupees!


Taste of India's gallery-like interiors


Another prominent place is Sakunthala's which offers a vegetarian, Chinese fusion, South Indian and North Indian catering menu, making it a one-stop shop for your varied Indian food needs! Satiate your pani puri cravings by gobbling up some from Kailash Parbat, also the only authentic Sindhi restaurant in Singapore. Oh and if you’re willing to shell out a little more cash, Mustard Restaurant’s minced mutton in a spicy gravy and fragrant fish in yoghurt is bound to leave you craving for more!


Pani Puri at Kailash Parbat


A shining example of hospitality, Singapore goes the extra mile to make guests from all over the world feel at home. Makan Mate, KUISINE Catering, Orchid Thai Catering and Casuarina Curry are some of the prominent Halal-certified caterers providing buffet catering menus for Muslim groups.

Indulge in a quaint bespoke dining experience with gourmet caterers for intimate groups like Disgruntled Chef, or partake in Singapore’s first pop-up fine-dining restaurant with Gastrogig! These unique food experiences are bound to elevate your event’s F&B experience ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.


Out for work and yearn for the familiar whiff of your favorite home-made delicacies? We give you 5 reasons why meetings in Singapore feel like a home away from home!

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