Maersk Line takes 350 of its employees ‘Outbound’ at The Retreat

Marketing | March 9, 2015 | News

Maersk Line and Safmarine Fountainhead Entertainment

Maersk Line & Safmarine organized its ‘Outbound’ event at The Retreat in Mumbai recently across two days with 350 employees flying in from various parts of the country and Sri Lanka as well. Fountainhead Entertainment (FH) was appointed to manage the event, where the idea was to bring about the product integration in the overall theme.

The first day began on a formal note with an afternoon session on the rollout strategy for the year, followed by the gala night which featured internal performances by the employees. The employees were divided in 10 teams and had a host of internal activities scheduled competing for scoring maximum points.

The second day began with energizing team building games bringing out the unity of working as a team together. Thus activities were suggested keeping this in mind – there was a jigsaw puzzle where upon completion a ship was formed out of the same. This was followed by departures to respective destinations.

Explaining the setup and other ideas, Rohan Salvi, Vice President - Business Development and Client Servicing (Events), Fountainhead Entertainment, said: “Apart from side wing cut panels of Maersk Line, the top and side railings of a ship had cutouts displaying the key theme messages for the conference session and also team names at the time of internal performances during the evening along with a curvy fashion ramp. We had a tight turnaround time of 45 minutes to change across the panels to bring about the evening look and dry run of the last minute AVs and presentations coming in. Thematic bags along with caps and event brochures were handed over to each guest. Additionally each team was allocated a budget from Maersk Line to give the liberty to each of the 10 teams to bring about the creativity in terms of props used for the best standing out team.”





Fountainhead was appointed to manage the two-day event in Mumbai, which saw employees from all over India and Sri Lanka as well.

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