Wedniksha produces a 45 -minute film as part of a 25th Anniversary celebration

Weddings | March 9, 2015 | News


For the 25th Anniversary of the Dinesh Oswal of Oswal Group of Industries, Ludhiana, Wedniksha created a 45 minutes film, full of songs, dialogues, skits where the story focused on the couple and their family which was stitched by a narrative of contemporary hit Bollywood numbers. 

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Director, Wedniksha said, “It was the first time that we took up the challenge to put together such a project. It sounded interesting and completely out of the box and the advantage was that Mr. Dinesh Oswal was completely sure that this was that he wanted and was geared up for the challenge. This project was different as it was quite a unique request from a Family who wanted to star in their very own Bollywood style movie marking their 25th Wedding Anniversary."

Reputed choreographers were roped in and a senior film director was taken on board to direct the project. Sawhney explained, “Both these gentlemen being, industry veterans had the advantage of pulling off projects with novices.”

Wedniksha named the film ‘Ajab Dinesh ki Gajab Kahani’ and started putting a script together. Favourite scenes, favourite songs were chosen by the family from various movies and a screenplay was presented which the family liked instantly. 

A stylist for the project was hired who put together an amazing ensemble of filmy clothes on the basis of each song/dialogue sequence . 5D and PMW500 Cameras were used. 3 Motion Cameras to shoot from 3 different angles and 2 Still Cameras to capture the ‘Behind the Scenes’ moments were used.

The total Production team consisted of approximately 50 people. The entire family took close to 1 month for rehearsals & work shops on dialogue delivery & facing the camera. Two days of rehearsal time was spent in Mumbai with dancers so that they get use to shooting on sets with handheld cameras & dancer movements.

Mr. & Mrs. Oswal played approximately 8 different roles right from romantics to being Shahrukh of Don, Mohabbatien, Om shanti om, Salman from the movie Kick and finally a Sardar.

There are various famous romantic scenes from a wide range of movies right from movies like Mohabbatein, Om Shanti Om, Dabang amongst others

The movie consists of 20 Family members who have absolutely no Bollywood background. After 3 months of post-production, the agency presented the final movie to the client.

The agency credited for off beat ideas, treated this as a full-fledged production, from script writing, choreography, styling and shooting.

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