Colors engages more than 2000 people through Khatron Ke Khiladi

Marketing | February 24, 2015 | News

Colors Xenium Digital

This season, as Rohit Shetty hosts ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi: Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns’, Colors joined hands with Xenium Digital to showcase an innovative on-ground initiative to give viewers a first-hand experience of the show and its thrill-creating elements.

The recently concluded mall activation took place at R-City Mall and Oberoi Mall in Mumbai. In addition to the digital initiatives, the activation raised the bar on engagement while bringing viewers one stop closer to living the experience, much like their favourite contestants. The technology for this activation was provided by Xenium which has worked with multiple top brands to help create a unique experience with its state-of-art technologies.

Recreating the feel of walking a tight-rope by creating a slack-lining challenge with the use of Oculus Rift Technology and Kinect camera created much enthusiasm not only among mall visitors, but also garnered social media and popular media traction. Through specially created booths, the promotions piqued viewer interest as they were joined by Riddhi Dogra, who is a part of the show.

The activation gathered a total crowd of around 2000 participants, who had to wear Oculus Rift glasses thereby creating a virtual experience of standing atop a 50 storied building and balancing on a tight rope. Five branded flags were placed at different points on the rope, and the participants were given the task of holding a bar to maintain their balance as they walked over the rope. This wireless bar automatically sensed the position of the participant and was integral in assisting them to balance on the rope. With ‘Augmented Reality’ at the crux of the activation, less than half the participants were able to successfully complete the challenge. All participants, though, walked away with goodies to celebrate the benchmark they achieved in terms of number of flags they garnered before quitting.

While the event was fun and creative, some of the participants who failed to complete the challenge and ‘fell off’ the rope, later commented that they were scared of heights owing to which they found themselves tumbling over the floor. Seeing the reactions of the participants, many bystanders decided to take a chance despite their fears, hence depicting what the show stands for.



Xenium Digital provided technology like ‘Augmented Reality’ to the mall activation, which saw a slack-lining challenge.

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