Showtime ‘reinvents’ the conferencing experience for Nestle

Marketing | February 4, 2015 | News

Showtime Group Nestle

Nestle India held its annual Sales & Marketing Conference at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon on Jan. 28. In keeping with the first day’s theme ‘Reinvent & Win’ Showtime Group produced a set of experiences that took conferencing to new levels. The conference saw the participation of over 2100 of Nestle’s sales and marketing team members across seven business units from all over India.

The participants were welcomed with an opening AV which had 3D content projected on a massive 100ft x 23ft screen. Multiple doors were integrated into the giant screen which served as the entry/exit route for the session speakers. This was followed by a high-energy dance sequence, announcing the entry of Etienne Benet, Market Head – South Asia Region, Nestle. He then took centre-stage with his motivational address that set the tone for the day’s proceedings.

The awards then followed, with almost 90 of Nestle’s star performers being felicitated under various performance categories. The redefining moments continued with each of the seven business units making unique theme-based presentations. Every element of these presentations - right from the backdrop projections to the content and the presentation team’s outfit - reflected the theme which ranged from politics to Bollywood and Formula 1.

To add excitement and interactivity to the day’s fare, each of these presentation sessions had an in-built entertainment quotient ranging from a stand-up comedy act to live news room chat with Arnab, some interesting acts by the employees in politicians’ attire and also a special choir performance by a group of 12 children from Delhi. The inspiration of the participants was lifted further with two drones hovering over them displaying the theme ‘Reinvent & Win’ big and bold.

In the evening, the action moved outdoors for the Marketing Oscars awards presentation. Eight outstanding Nestle performers were awarded Oscar look-alike trophies with VIP (Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar) performing a comedy sequence to add to the excitement. The show culminated with a gala dinner and an electrifying two-hour performance by Euphoria.

Commenting on the event, Akshay Chawla, Vice President, Showtime Group, said: “We drew inspiration from Nestle’s unique theme for the conference to completely change the way conferencing is done. The sheer scale of this prestigious event demanded an extremely tight level of coordination among our team members and also with the Nestle team on the project. In the short time available to us to put up this show, I think we did a fantastic job right from the concept creation to managing the travel logistics of 2100 guests from across five hotels in the city and on-ground execution and we are grateful to Nestle for having given us this opportunity.”


The conference saw the participation of over 2100 of Nestle’s sales and marketing team members across seven business units from all over India.

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