UltraTech felicitates its dealers in Gangtok and Chennai

Marketing | January 23, 2015 | News

UltraTech Encompass

UltraTech Cement recently felicitated the best performing dealers from the east region - around 300 top dealers from Bihar and Jharkhand attended the two-day event at The Mayfair in Gangtok and about 700 dealers from West Bengal were present at ITC Chola in Chennai. Encompass was roped in to execute both incentive programmes.

The theme proposed for the event was Ek - Josh, Junoon, Jashn. The highlight of the logo was the numeric ‘1’ that formed within the logo suggesting supremacy and was translated across the creatives and engagements conceptualized for the guests. Thematic integration of 1 was brought through the set design, where the ramp leading to the stage was created in the shape of 1. This ramp made each and every dealer feel special as a prime no. 1 member of the UltraTech family .The photo zone in the pre-function area was also created in the shape of 1 such that guests could stand within the structure and click a picture. Instant printouts of the same were handed over to the guests in thematic photo jackets.

The audience witnessed a set of 55 awards over the ceremony, interspersed with multiple performances. The evening, hosted by Sangeeta Singh, opened with a traditional dhup dance that moved into the various categories. Funny Boys and Hyperion LED acts helped create a perfect prelude in between the categories in terms of choreography. The highlight of the event was the stunning act by Hyperion who unveiled the winner names through a dramatic LED act that left the audience spellbound. The evening concluded with a dazzling performance by singer Priyanka Negi who, with her mesmerizing voice and dance moves, left the audience longing for more.

A similar format was executed in Chennai for a larger dealer group from Kolkata. The evening witnessed Funny Boys, Diwaker Sonia and Hyperion artists who created the prelude to every award category. The evening was closed by singer-performer Harshida Madhparia. Every act was conceptualized to bring out the theme distinguishably and thus drove an immediate connect with the audience and the brand objectives. Audience-artist interactions also created funny personalized moments for the dealers.

Commenting on Encompass’ execution, Royston Fernandes, General Manager, Marketing Services, UltraTech Cements, said: “Our hearty congratulations to the entire team of Encompass for a superb, thorough and flawless execution of our dealer award ceremonies. We are in awe and full appreciation of the impeccable efforts put in to match our expectations and demands. We sincerely appreciate the fact that Encompass stood its mark and helped achieve a higher level of performance through lighting, graphics, theme unveiling, brand integration and engagement into every act, thereby creating the perfect adrenaline rush and the ‘WOW’ factor that was much needed and expected from Encompass.”

Adding further about the programmes, Vipul Patak, Senior Manager, Encompass said: “We have been closely associated with UltraTech over the years. Prepping for Gangtok was a major challenge given the geographical location. It has been a pleasure working with Royston Fernandes, whose attention to detail was impeccable. This kept us on our toes throughout and has been a major contributor to the success that the event was. We look forward to more such opportunities in the future.”


Encompass executed the programmes which saw around 1000 attendees in total, from West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar.

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