Global hygiene company launches product range at anniversary celebrations

Marketing | January 19, 2015 | News

Launch Event Anniversary Celebration

A leading global hygiene and forest products company recently hosted its Corporate and Anniversary Celebrations on Dec. 10 at The Palladium Hotel, Mumbai. The event was held for the sales force and Head Office employees of the company and was split into two halves. The Think Tank Entertainment (TTTE) was roped in to execute the event which witnessed the participation of 150 people. The agency's main responsibilities involved invitation and stage design, the venue decor and ensuring seamless execution of the event.
The first half which started at 9am and went on till 4pm, was the product launch whereas the second half which commenced at 5pm and lasted till 8pm, was a celebration party for the company's employees marking the completion of one year in India. TTTE paid special heed to the Bollywood inspired theme of the night while creating the decor of the venue. A number of popular film posters which featured the product range adorned the venue adding a fun and interesting twist to the event.
The highlight of the event was the red carpet with a checkered panel at the end of the walkway where the personal interviews and live feed of the audience were taken making them feel like superstars. The Retro Stage, the Popcorn & Candy Floss Stall and the exceptional creatives worked on by TTTE caught everyone's attention. The employees were also made to feel special by having an art work put up which featured their pictures alongside the famous Bollywood celebrities they resemble the most.
TTTE also specially curated the entertainment segment of the evening based on the theme of the show with extraordinary performances from all over India. The entertainment segment included performances like the Ganpati Dance wherein the dance was performed with the Ganpati Vandana and 12 dancers who enacted the performance, Comedian Rajan Shrivastava and Flavours Of India (South Dance, Central Dance, West Dance, North Dance & East Dance) which depicted the varied cultures and traditions of the country. 
A KBC inspired quiz contest was also played with the audience. Mimicry artists playing Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were specially engaged to entertain the audience for this round. Renowned Singer Gholam Hamid also entertained the audience with his melodious renditions of some famous Kishore Kumar songs.
Commenting on executing the event, Abhishek Mazumder, Founder & CEO, The Think Tank Entertainment said, "Being an international company completing its first year in Mumbai, they wanted to wow both the foreign as well as the local employees. They wanted us to come up with a Bollywood thematic event. We brought to them a lot of creative ideas out of which they chose Bollywood inspired posters with a twist of company branding (in the brief they mentioned how they wanted their employees to feel like superstars, hence, we came up with this idea to have frames with company employees pictures alongside with their individual doppelganger stars from the industry), a big frame with sunglasses with each frame containing an employee’s picture, an interactive quiz contest which was hosted by a comedian and other mimicry artists and a special dance act brought together from different parts of the country called The Flavours of India."

The company roped in The Think Tank Entertainment to execute the event, which witnessed the participation of 150 people.

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