Ambuja Cements launches ‘Ambuja Plus’ at The Lalit in Jaipur

Marketing | January 8, 2015 | News

Ambuja Cements Pinkstar Events

Ambuja Cements officially launched its new product, Ambuja Plus, at The Lalit in Jaipur on Dec. 22. Pinkstar Events managed the launch event for Ambuja’s trade partner fraternity, which included about 200 people from across north India.

The event began with an AV which was followed by a remote controlled unveiling with large LED screens at the backdrop. The backdrop showcased product imagery using light and ‘cold fire’. The product model was placed on a rotating platform for all to see, with Ajay Kapoor (MD, Ambuja Cements) presenting it to the audience.

As part of the launch, the Ambuja shop and new cement’s USP were showcased on-stage. Pre and post the launch, the product was exhibited with live demos open to the trade partners, with the complete overview of the new product on display as well.

Speaking about the planning involved in the event, MPS Bora, Head - Client Marketing, Pinkstar Events, said: "This was a very important launch for us keeping in mind the iconic and premium brand value of Ambuja. The complete setup was done overnight and managing the creatives and display was a huge challenge. Our team ensured the required logistics were worked on to deliver a power-packed launch for Ambuja in  Jaipur."

Commenting on the launch event, Mr. Nasekar of Ambuja Cements said: "We have been carefully assessing the market landscape and decided to bring in this fantastic product to the market. This cement is a category winner and we’ve been applauded for our R&D, character and performance throughout India. We are making a conscious effort to provide Indian customers with real quality and best-in-class experience through our cements. The event was well integrated to announce the product’s entry into market.”


Pinkstar Events executed the event, which was attended by more than 200 people from across north India.

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