Vishal & Shekhar performing for the stockists.

UltraTech takes its stockists to Hong Kong and Macau

Marketing | January 8, 2015 | News

UltraTech Cement Encompass

The UltraTech Cement Stockists Meet 2014 took place from Dec. 18 to 24 in Hong Kong and Macau. The incentive programme was held for 600 attendees which included the best performing stockists and their families.

Encompass was appointed to conceptualize, create and execute the tour. Its role was to create brand, theme and destination specific design elements to be adapted across all brandings and activities in the seven-day itinerary. One of the key objectives was to establish ‘Champion of Champions’ as a property to be carried forward henceforth, for upcoming stockists meets across various global destinations. The property was translated across all media through the entire event, starting right from the pre-event phase.

Prior to the event, video invites were sent to all the stockists personally by O.P. Puranmalka, Managing Director, UltraTech Cement. An SMS countdown started a week prior to the event, creating the required buzz. Also, personalized baggage tags, room keys, passport holders, name badges and other collaterals were distributed at the airport.

The first day in Hong Kong had guests visiting Madame Tussauds, before returning to the hotel for the welcome dinner, where they witnessed a traditional welcome by Chinese women who handed over good luck charms to them. To ensure a grand welcome, the evening was taken over by America's favourite mystifier Mike Super (America’s Got Talent Season 9).

Guests relived their childhood at Disneyland on the second day. To add to the mood, guests enjoyed an intriguing digital makeover session, where photographs were digitally enhanced to create their avatar. Balloon makers, close-up magicians and traditional horoscope readers kept the audience engaged during dinner.

On the third and fourth day, various engaging activities were plated at Window of the World (Shenzen) and at Lantau Island (Hong Kong), where guests experienced the magnificence of the Buddha statue. Post this, they departed for Macau, where they had a karaoke session during dinner. Staying at The Venetian for the rest of the tour, branded welcomes in rooms were a highlight.

The fifth day saw the gala dinner where the stockists were felicitated for their outstanding performances. Every winner announcement was preceded by a short AV animation defining the category of awards, interspersed with family AVs. The highlight of all the content, was that it created in a Watchout format. The evening was hosted by Manish Paul, Gaurav Kapoor and Roshan Abbas who brought in a whole new level of exuberance. Sunil Grover, Raghavendra Sharda and Upasana Singh built on the humour quotient for the evening with their roles as Palak, Gutthi and Bua. Salman and Mouni Roy brought their scintillating touch to the evening and got the audience tapping their feet while the evening witnessed its climax with Vishal and Shekhar setting the stage ablaze!

On the sixth day, guests were taken to the Chimelong Ocean Park - said to be the world’s largest ocean theme park. A Masterchef session was conducted once the guests returned and was very well received by the participating couples. Further, ‘Ultratech’s Got Talent’ auditions were being conducted simultaneously, with the finale scheduled for the next day. This was followed by dinner where guests played an extended version of housie - Filmy Chakkar.

On the last day of the tour, guests were taken to the House of Dancing Waters which was a visual magnificence in itself. The closing dinner was conducted by Roshan Abbas, where the stockists exhibited their individual talents at the ‘Ultratech’s Got Talent Finale’.

Speaking about the event, Zashank Bhatia, Associate Account Director, Encompass Events, said: “Encompass has been frequently associated with UltraTech. The level of intricate observations and detailing that goes into this event is of a different level altogether. The entire team at Encompass - internal and the ones executing the show worked day in and day out to successfully manage the event and we would like to thank UltraTech for giving us this opportunity!”

Explaining the challenges faced, Bhatia said: “A few difficulties included language, different coordinates for all venues, time difference, etc. but our team did really well to overcome the challenges and make this an unforgettable experience for not just the audience but us as well. Since the audience is majorly the same each year, it makes it imperative for us to come up with unique ideas each time. The itinerary does make the difference and adding the small things at every level makes it even better as a unique engaging experience.”

Commenting on the event, Payal Babbar, AVP - Marketing Services, UltraTech Cement, said: “This meet was one of our biggest events of the year, mostly because of the number of months that went into the planning and detailing of the same. Depsite sudden riots in Hong Kong, we made it through and it was indeed a moment of extreme joy for the entire team. Pulling together an event across seven days at an international destination, logistics for a group of 600 people, activities and engagements at every level, was a task that required great amount of dedication and perseverance. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Encompass team to have made this happen. The creative approach to the show, designs, concept, content and the overall execution has left us highly impressed. We would like to congratulate Encompass once again!”


The 7-day tour, managed by Encompass, saw guests visit Disneyland, Madame Tussauds, Chimelong Ocean Park and stay at The Venetian.

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