Cornucopia organizes a re-union for all its past lovers

Marketing | December 29, 2014 | News

Cornucopia TIC

Cornucopia is said to be India’s first ever talent show that enticed the nation in 1990s. After 22 years since it started, TIC decided to bring the past Cornucopia lovers at one place and relive those memories, at the Cornucopia Reunion Party that concluded recently in Delhi. A fun karaoke session with Manish Gunthey was organized at Turquoise Cottage in DLF Place, Saket.


Commenting on the event, a spokesperson from TIC said: “There was so much of talent under one roof. The event was full of energy and turned out to be a huge success. All the past Cornucopians danced till their ‘heels got off their feet’ and sang with their hearts out. The cold winter waves also could not strike down the warm atmosphere formed inside the venue. The party was epic and all those who attended the event requested for more reunions in the coming future.”


Cornucopia acted as a platform for identifying genuine talent and become the launching pad for many names who went on to become some of the most famous artists in their fields. Taking place from 1992 to 1997, the show set a precedent for future music contests and talent hunts on such a scale.


The era of pure talent where technology didn’t rule creativity, it was through this show that artists and bands like Euphoria, Parikrama, Raghav Sachar, Gaurav Kapoor, Anamika and many more, who shook the nation with their mesmerizing voice and later on were amongst India’s first pop artists.

The party, which was a fun karaoke session with Manish Gunthey, was managed by TIC.

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