6 unique food presentation ideas used at social events in 2014

Weddings | December 5, 2014 | News

It is well known that when it comes to F&B, especially at social events, presentation and ideation play a crucial role. Not only to guests eat with their eyes, they are aware of international trends and cuisines, as a result of being well-travelled.

Brides and grooms put a very high priority on their wedding menus. Not only do they want their guests to enjoy delicious culinary delights in a great variety, they also need their wedding menus to be personalized, themed, and, especially, fun.

Here are some interesting F&B concepts and novelty presentation ideas that have been doing the rounds at social events and weddings in 2014.


Dishes named as per the theme:  At some Bollywood themed events, dishes are named after Bollywood actors. For instance, butter chicken called Big B’s Butter chicken.


Chaat Papri in Martini Glasses: Almost at all weddings, the caterer serves Chaat Papri. Yet just serving it in a martini glass, adds the element of fine dining to it.


Surprises in coffee served at the feras: This is an ideal way to add a little happiness to the regular coffee that is served to relatives or close friends while the feras are taking place. Imagine a cup of coffee, with a Ferrero Rocher on the stirrer. Or better still, a Kit Kat stick to stir the coffee!


Salad in Shot Glasses: Instead of a salad counter where everyone keeps going back in for dip, many caterers fill shot glasses with dip halfway through and throw in some carrots, cucumber and the rest. The same things presented simply, wouldn’t look half as tempting.   


        Mini beer and burgers: For a morning wedding, this one is absolutely perfect.


Mini Noodles pre-wrapped in chopsticks: Check out these noodles served as an appetizer, wrapped around chopsticks and put on a plate.


2014 saw various caterers and F&B designers using innovative and exotic food presentation concepts at social events and weddings.

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