Therapists administer pain relief to marathoners in a zone at the finish line

Volini associates with Airtel Delhi Half Marathon as recovery partner

Marketing | November 27, 2014 | News

Volini Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Volini, the flagship brand of Ranbaxy, recently associated with the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, organised by Procam International. Volini's campaign for the marathon focused on positioning it as the preferred choice for recovery for the runners and instant relief from pain. 

Accordingly, Volini set up a large Recovery Zone near the marathon finish line. Post crossing the finish line, the marathon participants headed towards the Volini Recovery Zone.

The 6,750 square-foot Recovery Zone had professional therapists and sports injury counselors at hand to tend to pain relief and tired muscles of participants. Supervised by renowned sports scientist, Shayamal Vallabhjee, the zone boasted of masseurs, foam rollers, beds and lounges etc among others.

Speaking on the new brand positioning, Subodh Marwah, Vice President & Head – Consumer Healthcare, Ranbaxy, said, “Volini  as a  brand has been fairly involved in the pain relief market and has been a pioneer of innovation, the spray format itself an example, coming at a time when it wasn’t considered popular. Increasingly, consumers look for a unique engaging experience and the recent association of Volini with the Airtel Half Marathon aimed to give consumers the same. The brand is keen to provide fitness enthusiasts a reason to live their passion and not view the pain as an obstacle to running, hence motivating scores of people to be a part of these mass runs.”

Talking about the Recovery Zone, Shayamal Vallabhjee, said, “Marathon is a strenuous sport. While running, one is exerting every muscle of the body. Over a period of time, the muscles tend to swell leading to pain. At the Recovery Zone, we helped the participants relax & nursed swollen muscles to get rid of the pain. It’s great to have Volini as the official Recovery Partner of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon”.


In a unique experiential marketing activity, more than 7000 Participants of the marathon were given pain relief at the Volini Recovery Zone.

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