EPIC India executes multi city product launch for Agilent Technologies

Marketing | November 26, 2014 | News

Epic India Tours and Events Agilent Technologies Taj Palace

Epic India Tours and Events recently executed a multi-city product launch for Agilent Technologies. The main launch at Taj Palace in New Delhi on November 10 was followed by launches in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru, concluding on November 14.

Unveiling the 1290 Infinity II LC System which allows operators, scientists and laboratory managers to reach new levels of laboratory efficiency, the event was divided in two parts; a product launch in the first half and a dinner and cocktail party for the invitees.

As a part of the launch, Dr. Siva Kumar Pasupathi, Country manager for Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Applied Markets (LDA) Agilent in India, gave a presentation about brief description of the product followed by a videos highlighting the making and features of the product.

Epic India was chosen to execute this launch on the basis of their success in executing other events for Agilent. Featuring the brand colors, the stage was decked out in shades of blue. In order to drive the message behind the product home, an exclusive launch AV prepared by Epic India was showcased and then, the product was unveiled through a split LED backdrop.

Shedding light on the launch event, Pankaj Malhotra, Managing Director, Epic India Tours and Events, said, “We made our vision pretty clear to make the invitees experience the launch of Agilent’s new product in its true setting and see for themselves how dazzling this product is. The entire look and feel of the event was setup to reflect Agilent’s trust and keeping the product as the highlight. We have been associated with quite a few events for Agilent over the years. The concept for this launch was vastly different than that of their previous events. With the given deadlines and keeping in mind it was not just a normal setup, we ensured to have all deliverables met in the given time span. The only challenge of executing the launch in 5 cities in one week required a lot of planning and coordination of resources to make sure the launch events went off as smoothly as possible."

The product had a main launch in Delhi followed by smaller launches in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru over four days

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