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Latest trends in Photography this season: Innovative pre wedding shoots

Weddings | November 19, 2014 | News

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With ever increasing conversations of wedding photography around us, we all have an idea of why it’s important, but what are the trends that are making a wave in the industry? Morvi Kumari of Morvi Images and Badal Jain of elaborate on some aspects of Photography at social events and weddings.

Pre-wedding shoots are the oldest and yet the most popular sessions amongst the couples. Jain mentioned that he has been mosty going to exotic international locations like Paris and Mauritius for pre wedding shoots in order to get exquisite shots. 


Kumari explained, “Many clients schedule a shoot with the photographer before the big day. These wedding shoots allow clients to get experimental when it comes to trying different attires, locations and poses. And on the hindsight they get a stress free wedding day.”


Highlighting a diffrenet aspect, Jain said, "Now a days although the term 'candid photography' has been bastardised to a large extent, the real artists are still being appreciated for their sharp distinction from others.

Getting Ready Session: Nothing compares to seeing a bride on her wedding day in her eternal glory. Yet, what will always make your heart skip a beat is what got that glory together. They are undoubtedly some of the most genuine and memorable moments of your day. Therefore, getting ready sessions get thumbs up from Morvi Images. 

Jain also feels that this is a very pensive moment. He said, "We get to witness the transformation of a young girl to a beautiful bride not only from the face of it but the emotional change is very evident too."

These sessions allow you to capture the striking details when it comes to significant aspects of a bride’s look –such as intricate ornaments, heena adorned hands or enchanting attire. What’s more is that the bride gets to relive her excitement or nerves yet again when you see them.

Flash the Dress: We all agree on one thing, every bride spends at least 200 hrs researching her perfect wedding dress and another 100 hrs trying and perfecting that dress. How can she not have it flashed? You don’t want to lose the grandeur of that attire untouched and in its splendour. Therefore an essential must-have wedding day photo is of, The Dress.

Trash the dress: An innovative trend, this one is for the unconventional, fun and feisty couples. As the name suggests this shoot calls for the couple to be experimental, as they will have to come together for dreamy pictures in a quirky setting – pool, riding a horse or at a forest, you name it. One really does not need to trash a dress in the literal sense, but get original for this one. On the other hand, Jain said, "Too much of an experimental approach was also something that seemed to be catching up for sometime but now, it is fading away."

Funny Posed Photo Session: Having witty images in the flawless wedding album can be entertaining. Kumari added, “If you want have a hearty laugh with your kids while looking at your wedding album, this session is a must include. Gather your family and friends who will be happy to pose while having some fun at each other’s cost.” What’s more, people use fun props like amusing signages, entertaining hats and whole lot more. These pictures are justly eternal.

Timeless Vintage Look: According to Kumari, the vintage look is timeless and rapidly gaining popularity as it allows the couples to create moods of ‘yesteryears’ with ageless props, accessories and settings. It can best be described as a classic moment from the black and white era. She confirmed, “The vintage look is clean and arresting and is not old-fashioned by any standards; this look makes for a compelling wedding shoot. The couple can ideally go for a pre-wedding shoot for this look.”









Photo Courtesy: Morvi Images

Well known photographers Morvi Kumari and Badal Jain share their insights and observations, throwing light on innovative ways to capture special moments.

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