Theme Weavers execute inspirational concept for 25th Anniversary Celebrations in Jaisalmer

Weddings | November 19, 2014 | Photo Feature

Theme Weavers International Brys and Suryagarh Fort

Theme Weavers International conceptualized, managed and executed the 25th Anniversary celebrations of a distinguished client from March 7 to March 9, 2014. 250 guests were flown down to Jaisalmer in chartered planes and hosted at Brys & Suryagarh Fort. Guests were welcomed in their respective hotels with Rajasthani musical performers and refreshing welcome drinks.

Explaining why the agency used the particular concept, Anushree Aggarwal of Theme Weavers International said, “We proposed to theme the celebration based on the 5 seasons of the year in an attempt to symbolize the journey of the couple’s togetherness and their support and love towards each other through thick and thin. 

      The Welcome lunch expressed the season of Summer.  Guests were treated to a sit down lunch with a royal touch and a village feel simultaneously. The summer was portrayed in a traditional style with marigold flowers which matched well with orange, yellow and white colours used in the décor. These colours are also associated with the summer season. Mame Khan’s sweet music was well enjoyed by the guests.

The same evening saw an enchanting Winter theme, where everything was white as snow with hints of blue. LED screens served as a backdrop while popular singer Benny Dayal had guests grooving to his songs. The party went on till 5 am. The event area was spread across 3 levels and elegantly covered the 2 bars and endless delicacies spread out for guests.

The next morning was brightened with the Monsoon touch. This signified the colorful moments the couple had spent together and also the brightness they added to each other’s life. They venue was decorated with rainbow colored chair backs and self-standing Thai umbrellas. The DJ dished out bollywood numbers and attendees danced in the Rain dance that was set up.

Following, a Spring themed afternoon event provided the perfect setting for the Re-vows to be taken which was organized by the agency, not only for the spot light couple but also for the other 125 couples. They were wedded in 5 different styles- Punjabi, Christian, Hindu, Bengali and Muslim. Not only were they made to dress accordingly, but  priests, pundits and other saints were called for the event. The extensive use of flowers was an attempt to show the couple’s love blossoming over the years. Siddharth Kannan hosted the event and kept the guests engaged with his witty comments and interactions.

The same night witnessed a Sufi themed event. The magical voice of the famous Raja Hassan set the mood just right. The heritage property of the Suryagarh Fort was illuminated with over 4000 candles to enhance the breath taking view of the fort. The mystical touch was further added by the Sheeshas (Hookah) and the exotic food spread out lavishly.

On March 9, an Autumn themed event was held to conclude the 3 day celebrations. It also remarked the melancholy expressed by the couple to their guests as the celebration was coming to an end. The guests were chartered back with an unforgettable experience- One, which not only re-defined the meaning of seasons, but also of marriage. As Anushree Aggarwal explained “Even though the seasons change, the love remains the same- Forever!”

Theme Weavers International is reputed for ideating and executing awe inspiring and out of the box concepts for social events and weddings. 

The design house created events over 3 days, based on each season of the year. Theme Weavers is well known for its offbeat and and unique designs and concepts.

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