CRY sets up giant child poster of chai glasses to root against child labour at DLF Cyber Hub

Marketing | November 18, 2014 | News

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On the weekend of Children’s day, visitors at the DLF Cyber Hub in Delhi gazed curiously at a giant picture of a smiling boy, suspended a few feet above the ground. The picture looked oddly luminous and distorted, like looking through a translucent glass pane. On closer investigation, they realized it was covered with several thousand small glasses- the kind that are available at tea stalls.

This was a part of CRY’s (Child Rights & You) campaign for Project Unlearn, which targets children who are exposed to jobs and duties beyond their age. In short, child labour. The project aimed to ensure that 28,588 children are put to school and not work

To bring this to life CRY collaborated with 10Q ( An initiative of CRI Events and E-Factor entertainment ) and installed a life size structure of a child's face covered with chai glasses (most obvious space of child labour understood in an urban context) at DLF cyber hub!

“We wanted an image that shows how distorted such childhoods are,” said Richa Bansal, General Manager, Resource Mobilisation North, CRY. “And we wanted to bring it to life in such a manner, that also allows us to raise some funds for the cause. DLF Cyber space was kind to us and let us use their mall space for free for two weekends and even extended the use to their other malls in Delhi. And 10Q too is doing this only on a cost-to-cost basis, rather than charging their regular fee.”

“The intention was to spread the message in a contextual manner - people were asked to remove a glass from the face by donating Rs 200 towards the cause - which would lead to reveal the smiling face of the child, thereby achieving the task of putting children subjected to child labour to school,” said Rajesh Varma, joint partner at 10Q and Director at CRI Events.

CRY's campaign poster showing a smiling child made up of bricks, fireworks, matches and chai glasses - industries where children are made to work at.

CRY currently has a print and poster campaign going on for Project Unlearn which involves a thematic poster of a child made up of the materials most common to child labour, like fireworks, chai glasses, bricks, cycle tyres, rags and so on.

“So when CRY came to us about the design, they wanted a panel that showcased child labour through one or a combination of these elements,” said Jai Thakore, Founder & COO, E-Factor Entertainment, who also heads design and execution at 10Q. E-Factor came up with the design for the child panel and executed it.

“In all, over 2200 glasses were fixed on the panel, which stood 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide,” added Thakore. “The whole thing weighed about 450 kilos, so we used two motorized pulleys to suspend it. The advantage is that during lean periods, we could suspend it higher for better visbility and get it down, when somebody wants to remove a glass.”

The campaign has garnered Rs 65,000 so far and will be on display all month at other DLF spaces in Delhi and may also move to other cities.

The installation was conceived and executed by 10Q, a joint initiative by CRI Events and E-Factor Entertainment

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