Parle Products launches the 2nd phase of the ‘Litter Free’ campaign

Marketing | November 18, 2014 | News

Parle Parle Products Litter Free campaign

Parle Products recently announced the second phase of the ‘Litter Free’ campaign titled ‘Swacha Pratigya Puroskar’. This is the first time Parle has tied up with 60 puja pandals in Hooghly, inviting pandals from across the city to participate in the initiative.

With an objective to spread the message to keep the city and our surroundings clean, the initiative involves rewarding the most clean and litter free pandal. Chosen panels of judges that are specialists in their respective field selected the best entries and felicitated them with the initiative. The top three pandals were awarded with prize money by Bengali actress Rimjhim Mitra, followed by 10 consolation prizes. Winners were selected based on cleanliness, ambiance, discipline and the overall appeal of the puja.

The campaign aims to educate and embolden citizens to be responsible towards the environment and aim at achieving a cleaner nation. Through this association, the five days of puja witnessed 60 pandals across Hooghly competing to keep their pandals clean and litter free. Parle ensured placement of dustbins at all pandals which will later be donated to various housing societies in the city signs encouraging the residents to keep their premises litter free. There are signs declaring that the pandals as a litter free zone, educating the audience to avoid littering the place and most importantly indulging the audience to make a pledge about keeping the area and city litter free.

Speaking about the campaign, Bhavin Panchamia, Senior Product Manager, Parle Products said: “With this initiative we intend to encourage citizens of our country to keep their city clean and participate in the Parle Litter Free Campaign. Jagadhatri Puja is an important festival and an excellent platform to launch the second phase of our ‘Litter Free’ campaign. This is the first time we are participating in this puja and are happy to extend our efforts across the country.”

Through the campaign, Parle offers a potentially brighter future of curbing garbage build up around our environment. With a series of opportunities in the form of festivals, occasions, events and many more that lie ahead, Parle aims to lead the masses onto a litter free path.

The brand partnered with 60 puja pandals in Hooghly, West Bengal and awarded the most litter-free ones.

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