A Beach themed Dessert Display by Laa Viva

Cakes & Dessert Tables: Trends in Mumbai and Delhi social events and wedding markets

Weddings | November 18, 2014 | News

There has been a very apparent increase in cakes and confectionery manufactures, importers, suppliers and retailers along with numerous home bakeries that have sprung up overnight,  not to forget the  bloggers who are all part of this very rapidly expanding industry. 








Desserts counter with pastries, bite size cakes, cupcakes etc are slowly moving into the ‘must have’ list at social events and weddings signifying a shift from the regular Indian mithai and sweet counter. However the shift has been very gradual.

According to Vinesha Pahwa of Laa Viva, cake trends change every month. While the basic directive for any cake or display is by the client, she reiterated that trends are set by the cake designer and his/her sheer inspiration and creative visualization. She also explained how the weight and size of a cake is completely dependent on the scale of the event and consumption.


Vinesha Pahwa explained, “In Mumbai, the trend which is also the rage internationally is a centred two tiered tall cake, with customized cupcakes cookies, gelato, cheese cake, set desserts, candy etc. All this is complete tandem with the event.”

She mentioned that products can be added depending on space provided and finally it is all laid against a suited backdrop to create visual dramatization of the table setup.

Speaking of the Delhi NCR market, Anupama Gupta of Eclairs Bakery spoke about the upward trend and the fact that clients have definitely started looking at designer cakes as the preferred option at weddings and social events. However she stated that there is a basic lack of understanding between a baker, cake designer and a cake artist. Explaining further she added, “Round the corner class room teaching to design cakes exist in almost all localities in Delhi and NCR today. However having said that most home bakeries, retailers, suppliers of the industry have a very poor understanding and insight of anything more than basic design or basic baking.”

In Mumbai clients are opening up more to spend wilfully on a beautiful display in promise of. Needless to say, budget constraints vary from client to client as well as factors like consumption and purpose of the event. Pahwa feels that clients prefer a beautiful tall cake in comparison to an ice sculpture or a fruit display.

She also mentioned that people are willing to spend more for weddings or for showcase events in comparison to smaller affairs or private parties. “What I have observed over a period of time is that a client always meets me with set ideas, but once I have understood the clients vision, I manage to steer them to a more modern and exquisite looking cake or display.”

On the other hand, Gupta feels that in Delhi NCR, although clients ask for designer cakes for special occasions, they often sacrifice detailing and finesse in turn in settling for less detailing and weight because of the lack of appreciation of the highly skilled labour which is a cake artist. The difference between a designer and artist is even lesser understood.

Cakes servings ordered are often much smaller than the gathering expected and the credit a designer cake actually deserves as a show stopper is often lost due to settling in for inferior work in terms of intricacy and detailing. She said, “The society here still has to accept the fact at large that "Good cakes are not cheap and cheap cakes are not good."


Both Mumbai and Delhi NCR markets, although having evolved, differ in terms of preferences and trends.

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