The solid waterproof roof at Wankhede stadium erected for the swearing-in ceremony

Effects Tech crafts rock solid waterproof roof for Maharashtra CM swearing in ceremony

Industry Watch | November 7, 2014 | News

Effects Tech Narendra Modi Amitabh Bachchan Wankhede stadium

On October Effects Tech created a solid overhead waterproof roof for the swearing in ceremony of BJP’s first chief minister in Maharashtra on took the oath of office with a team of nine ministers at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. In attendance were over 40,000 guests including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, LK Advani, Shah, the CMs of BJP-ruled and friendly states, film actors Amitabh Bacchan and Aamir Khan.

Sarosh Patel, Director Effects Tech mentioned that rains due to the cyclone Nilufur in the Kutch, were amongst the vital concerns for the company. He also specified another crucial aspect that the design company had to consider was the fact the client needed the roof to be installed in just 8 hrs and many other things depended on that.

A heavy 3 meters truss was used which covered a span was 90 feet x 60 feet. This solid roofing supported a 3000 kg roofing structure which was lifted up with 6 motors, each bearing a load capacity of 1000 kgs.

Interestingly, this whole mechanism was on a remote switch after it was put together. For complete safety, Effects Tech fixed 1000 litre water tanks on all six pillars in order to weigh down the roofing structure in case of heavy winds while also avoiding, digging the ground. Lights used were minimal as it was a 4 pm function.

Sarosh described how careful the Effects Tech team had to be in order to work in sync with the client’s brief. As Wankhede is a sports stadium, the design company had to ensure that no damage to the ground was done. In addition, no holes were to be dug like the conventional tenting companies do while executing similar projects. The safety and sturdiness were also of utmost importance.

Sarosh Patel, Director Effects Tech said, “It was fun to be part of such a challenging project , considering the time schedule , the dos and don’ts , and of course the tremendous amount of pressure from the security agencies, as never before has the Prime Minister had a function under a structure like this.

Most importantly, this event by Effects Tech has opened up a vast area of opportunity for the event industry in this field.

The design company took into account a variety of protocols and safety measures while creating the large structure.

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