Non-floral themes are now fast becoming the norm at weddings.

Minimalist décor: A new entrant at social events and weddings

Weddings | October 28, 2014 | Feature

World Wide Weddings Theme Weavers

Trends at weddings always vary in different parts of the country. However, recently it has been seen that décor at weddings and social events across India is moving towards being more basic, clean and elegant.

More often than not, minimalist décor with intelligent lighting and new innovative technologies are replacing larger than life set ups, dramatic stages, gigantic backdrops and extensive floral work.  Today less, is more.

Jaydeep Mehta, Director, World Wide Weddings elaborates, “Earlier in Gujarat, clients liked a lot of floral work and magnificent sets that were especially created for them. However, now many planners are using more of uplighters to enhance landscapes and architectural lighting to enhance stages and setups. The use of florals is limited. Entrances that are dramatic and very large are also passé.”

He also mentioned that the elite client is well travelled and adequately exposed to international trends and events. Perhaps why, they want the same class and international touch of sophistication in their events. Moreover, he explained how the cost also reduces significantly if the décor is kept subtle because importing large numbers of flowers from across the world is a rather expensive affair.

He added, “The well educated client would rather fly a few hundred guests to an exotic location and have a fun filled wedding rather than spend on an extravagant set with thousands of flowers and other décor elements.”

Highlighting a trend in the Mumbai market Hriday Daswaney, Director, Viwaaha Dreamz said, “Today in Mumbai, clients want an element of fun. As a matter of fact even guests seem to enjoy quirky, whacky and thematic components of décor. Flowers are not only expensive but have been used way too much in the last few years. Non floral thematic centrepieces are being widely used at social events as opposed to the 3ft tall floral ones.” She explained how many clients in Mumbai prefer basic décor that looks good but is not over the top.

Interestingly, Anushree Agarwal, Partner, Theme Weavers International Pvt Ltd described the difference in décor choices between North, West and South Delhi. She mentioned that people in North and West Delhi tend to prefer gigantic sets and elaborate floral work. While on the other hand, the South Delhi client definitely would prefer a minimal setup to a flamboyant one.

She also said “When we are working on a destination weddings at a palace or other exotic location, we never overdo the decor and florals because we don’t want to overshadow the natural beauty of the place. We want to accentuate it with minimalistic décor that is elegant and classy”

Although the clients’ preferences in terms of décor vary from city to city, a shift from elaborate and extensive to sophisticated and minimalist is being seen in most wedding markets in the country.

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