Attendees at Malta's evening reception.

Malta High Commission hosts a wine tasting evening for Indian planners

Industry Watch | October 28, 2014 | News

Malta Tourism Authority EVENTFAQS Blue Marble Destination Services Glow Show Entertainment

EVENTFAQS in association with the Malta Tourism Authority and Blue Marble Destination Services organized an evening reception on the Oct. 15 at the High Commission of the Republic of Malta in New Delhi.

Malta, famous for its stunning locales, great connectivity, affordable prices, universally spoken English and rich history is truly a dream destination for Indians. “Many Indians are unaware of Malta, either as a MICE or tourist destination,” says John Aquilina, Maltese High Commisioner.

The agenda of the event was to give Indian corporations direct access to a worldwide network of destinations and service providers, who want to take their next international MICE programs a level higher to the beautiful island of Malta.

The event aimed at bringing planners of MICE programs to share a common platform where they engaged in corporate networking and gained inspiration, in a relaxed environment. The event had Maltese wine, courtesy Meridiana Wine Estate, which was specially flown in from Malta.

The live entertainment partner was Glow Show Entertainment and the technical support towards event production was provided by Modern Stage Services.

The event, which lasted three hours, at the High Commissioners’ stunning Residence in Panchsheel Park, was a resounding success with representation from various corporates, MICE planning agencies, travel houses, travel publications, wedding planners and even wine specialists.

“I spent two weeks in the beautiful island of Malta but didn’t try the wine as I wasn’t aware about it. At the event, I tried the white wine and found it refreshing inspite of the Delhi Weather. I have promised myself to try it when I go back to Malta again. It was wonderful to witness how gracious the ambassador was and how nicely the event was organized,” said Noemie Levieux, Brand Ambassador, Remy Cointreau India.

The event witnessed an address by the Maltese High Commissioner and Clive Perry from Blue Marble Destination Services, a DMC based in Malta on how Malta is a viable destination for MICE Tourism. Post the speech, an exotic dinner buffet was served courtesy catering partner Tandoori Nights.

“It was an amazing event and gave us a good preview about the place and we are very excited to promote it in return as a wedding destination in India,” says Gunjan Bansal, CEO, Lamore Weddings.

Concluding the evening, Aquilina said: “We don’t have to sell it, we just have to spread knowledge about Malta as the place sells itself.”

The reception was organized by Malta Tourism Authority, EVENTFAQS and Blue Marble Destination Services.

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