UTV Interactive & Cafepress open shop of merchandise for John Abraham

| Marketing | September 23, 2010 | Press Release

Mumbai, August 2010 - UTV Interactive, the digital arm of UTV and CafePress, the destination for user-designed apparel and gifts, today announced their endeavour to create and distribute exciting merchandise of the internationally popular Bollywood Superstar - John Abraham. This merchandising business is an extension of UTV Interactive's recent foray into brand expansion of celebrities through digital platforms.

"We're thrilled to have John's shop on CafePress," comments Amy Maniatis, CafePress Vice President of Marketing. "At CafePress we love to support the creativity of artists worldwide and we're sure his fans will enjoy his expressive t-shirt designs."

Personally managing the design of each t-shirt and overseeing the creative development of his shop, John's online store features stylish t-shirts that truly define his personality. T-shirts featuring inspirational messages such as "Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever" and witty slogans like "I look like John Abraham," are available for purchase now.

Speaking on the initiation of John's merchandise, Manish Agarwal CEO, Interactive, UTV "We have successfully launched John on web through his official website www.johnabraham.com and on mobile through Voice Blogs. Through our association with CafePress, we are now introducing exciting merchandising options, which are an extension of his personality. Along with t-shirts, we promise to bring a unique bouquet of innovative and stylish merchandise options"

John's expansive career spans music videos, modeling, acting and fashion and he now launches his own brand of (JA) clothes. Known worldwide for his roles, his premier role was the 2003 film Jism, followed by roles in Dhoom, blockbuster comedy Dostana and a lead role in Water, which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards. John also works with charities and social causes he believes in, including PETA and Habitat for Humanity.

About CafePress:

CafePress is the world's biggest destination for self-expression through merchandise. Each month over 11 million shoppers visit CafePress to buy or create custom t-shirts, mugs, posters and other unique gifts that reflect their interests, passions, beliefs and affiliations. Launched in 1999, CafePress has empowered individuals, Non Profits and businesses to create, buy and sell customized merchandise online using the company's unique print-on-demand and e-commerce services.

Today, CafePress is a growing network of over 6.5 million members who buy and make custom gifts for their favorite holiday (be it a loved one's Birthday, Valentines Day, Father's Day), search for holiday gifts from a catalog of over 250 million unique products, and browse the political t-shirt landscape ranging from left to right and everything in between.

Learn more about CafePress by visiting:
http://www.cafepress.com, http://www.cafepress.com.au, http://www.cafepress.ca, http://www.cafepress.co.uk, http://www.facebook.com/cafepress, http://twitter.com/cafepress.

About UTV Interactive:

UTV Interactive, the digital arm of UTV, which officially came into the fold in May 2008, addresses digital space in domains such as business, finance, entertainment (TV, films, music), gadgets and technology. The Company has put together capabilities to deliver content for user specific devices. The youth have always been the primary target group for the Company and this focus is reiterated by the Company's focus on two devices that command maximum attention from the youth - the computer and the handset.

For further details:
Mehul Vadodaria
UTV Interactive
+91 9819333884

This is an extension of UTV Interactive???s recent foray into brand expansion of celebrities through digital platforms.

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